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Gigi: Month of November

  • November 27, 2010 at 1:10 am

It is November, and Gigi is dating again, and all I can say is “Ughhhh”

It is now the end of November, and all I can still say is UGH!!! Men from my long ago past are coming back. Men from my recent past are trying again. Men from my future? Who knows about them!!

Gigi: Month of October

  • October 15, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Gigi and her dating… it certainly has its ups and downs. August was wonderful. September was perfect. All was well between her and Jean-Claude, her Norwegian man living in Ireland. October? Well, it is not looking so good… Gigi: Month of October – continue reading…

Gigi: Month of September

  • September 21, 2010 at 6:20 pm

Sleeping together at last

Last night Gigi and Jean-Claude spent their first night together, and fell asleep side by side… but not the usual way. Nope. Gigi do something the easy way? Inconceivable!! Gigi slept in her bed in Michigan and Jean-Claude was in his bed in Ireland… so how were they together? Skype baby, skype!! They fell asleep in bed, with their laptops next to them, opened to skype, so they could hear each other talk, listen to the music Gigi played, and yes, even hear each other snore!! It was sweetly domestic, as Gigi set her alarm and woke him up to go to work, heard him get ready, take a shower (that is, after she finally coaxed him out of bed into a cold, blustery Irish day). Gigi: Month of September – continue reading…

Gigi: Month of August

  • August 28, 2010 at 11:15 pm

At last

Gigi was asked today why she didn’t put up a dating status since the end of June…The answer was simple. There was no one worth writing about!! She did go on a few dates that went nowhere, not even worth the time to write about here. Though some did make the nightmare date category, they just didn’t merit a status update…. But enough about the weeks that went nowhere. Let’s talk about what IS going somewhere… what is feeling so right and perfect that Gigi is head over heels falling in love. Gigi: Month of August – continue reading…

Gigi: Week of June 28th

  • July 4, 2010 at 4:57 pm

I will never get men

It is now week four with Steve… He still texts every day and calls Gigi sweetie or baby. but he has no time for her… begin supposedly torn between school and friends, and room mates and family. Gigi: Week of June 28th – continue reading…

Gigi: Week of June 21st

  • June 21, 2010 at 12:30 am

Week three with Steve

Wow. Gigi is always amazed when the man lasts more than a few days… but Steve is still around. They are still talking and texting a lot, and she saw him two days in a row. They’ve helped each other out with mutual car problems, and she helped him write and edit a term paper (which Gigi loves to do), and boy, can the man write!! Which of course, Gigi is finding very attractive…

She still is not totally trusting him, and there are new (and old) men popping up everywhere, so if he doesn’t get his act together and sweep her off her feet and onto his bed (where she still hasn’t been given the dessert she got the first week), then who knows what will happen. Gigi doesn’t do well when her needs are not being met…

Gigi: Week of June 14th

  • June 14, 2010 at 12:27 am

2nd week not so wonderful

Gigi is still seeing Steve, but he is not being as sweet and attentive as the first week. However, he does have some good reasons. He is taking quite a few very tough nursing classes. His mother is in town and driving his sister crazy, and involving him in the fighing. He does still text Gigi every day, and they talk a lot on the phone, but she went without seeing him for five days. He showed up for their date at Gigi’s house only to tell her that he couldn’t stay… he had to go pick up his mom who’d be staying with him for a few days…

He told her quite a few times that he’d be seeing her that night, only to cancel… it was one of those maybes that we tell our kids, when we don’t want to tell them no… but he was very sweet and apologetic, and promised to make it up to Gigi.

She finally got to see him Sunday night, which she did spend at his place… but let’s just say that he was exhausted from a hard week, so Gigi did not get her favorite type of dessert… oh no, please tell me it won’t be like the last boy friend…

Gigi: Week of June 7th

  • June 7, 2010 at 12:17 am

So much for sweet and thoughtful
I guess Gigi is lucky in that men these days show their true colors quickly, and then she doesn’t waste a lot of time on them… Kevin ended up not being as sweet and thoughtful as she’d thought last week. He asked her over to his house, and gone were the nice clothes, and on were the raggedy sweats. The house was a disaster, which for Gigi to notice makes it truly yucky… there was even a cockroach in the kitchen… UGHHHHH!!!

He spent the whole night texting (to his daughter he said), and didn’t pay much attention to Gigi. He also had this severe itching problem… Gigi got out of there as soon as she could, and didn’t text him for a few days. When he texted her to ask what happened, Gigi just kindly told him that he is not what she is loooking for… and left it at that.

Here I go again

Gigi has rejoined another dating site (one of the ones you have to pay for… although actually the website discovered this blog and gave Gigi three free months!!). Once I got my matches, I found three or four I liked and sent off a communication.

And let’s cross our fingers and toes and eyes, shall we?

So far so good

Gigi met someone who likes to go through all the online steps quickly, and in just a matter of days was exchanging a phone number with… hmmm, what shall we call him? Steve.

They discovered that they had so much in common… and I mean SO MUCH!! We were soon texting nonstop (he counted over 200 texts in a matter of a day… yay a texter!! MFG = Made For Gigi). They sent each other most of The Holy Grail by text, and when he sent Gigi another excerpt from her other favorite movie to quote “The Princess Bride” and he realized she recognized it right away, they both got goosebumps!!

He asked to meet her that night…and it was a success from the get go. They met for drinks and immediately liked what they saw. He then took Gigi to meet his best friend!!! YES!!! And they had so much fun, laughing and drinking… of course, they had to end the night watching “The Holy Grail”… just Gigi and Steve, and all I will say is that it was a memorable night… that did not end the next day.

Nope. Gigi and Steve texted and talked and saw each other for 4 nights in a row. She met another friend of his that weekend… They tried to set him up with Helen (please forgive me Helen… it did so not work out. He was nowhere near as nice as Steve).

But Helen and Steve approved of each other, and Helen thought he was a wonderful man.

Now Gigi is only in severe like… not head over heels love. But he really seems to be a nice and thoughtful man…. and… stop the presses…he’s white!! He’s Gigi’s age, lives very near her, has two children, and is studying to be a nurse. So far Gigi really likes what she sees…

Gigi: Week of May 31

  • June 2, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Here we go again

Well, it’s lonely out here. My man of a month is gone, my girls are busy these days, so Gigi is back on the dating websites, if only to talk and see who is out there, and of course, to maybe get more material. I have heard from my long-ago “drive-in” guy as I call him, but since he’s been promising to get together since April 1st, I am not holding my breath. Gigi: Week of May 31 – continue reading…

Gigi: Week of May 24th

  • May 24, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Men are gifted liars

I read a great line in a book yesterday – a book about spies!! It said “Men are great liars in the early days. Getting laid inspires them.” Gigi: Week of May 24th – continue reading…