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With just a click -Chapter 10

  • March 15, 2015 at 5:02 am

Chapter 10

How do you describe the most perfect week of your life? Sometimes there are just no words to explain how perfect a moment with someone can be. It would take a far better poet or writer than Paqui to say how it felt like to be with Don. It was just… Wow… I really cannot say how it felt.

Paqui’s old English teacher had always told her that she wrote in too much detail, that she was too wordy, too repetitive. And suddenly Paqui had no words. No words to talk about how it felt like to be with Don. Living with him for a week in their hotel room. Waking up and falling asleep together every day. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together: and oh my goodness, such amazing food. Filling up their days with visiting his wonderful family and sightseeing Holland. They spent every moment together. Paqui didn’t even want to go shopping without him. So he went with her and his niece Desiree to get a new European wardrobe for Paqui. He helped pick out outfits, and he had unerring taste for what would look good on his Paqui.

It was a week of turning Paqui into what she used to be: a cute, fun, confident, fashionable, European woman. It was quite the transformation, and once back at work, everyone said that she looked like a new woman. And everyone loved the new Paqui, most of all Paqui herself. Don said she would look good no matter what she wore. And her favorite student Karl said that she would look beautiful with a grocery bag on her head. But Paqui finally felt right about how she looked.

As for the transformation? First she bought new clothes. Then she dyed her hair back to its original black. She got acrylic nails put on (thank you Dayna, her new nail stylist) and had them painted fire engine red. And yes, Don went with her for that too…inseparable indeed. She even had a new bucket list experience, such as getting her first tattoo. Actually they got matching tattoos together. It was his idea that they should each get half a heart and to put their names on each other’s arms. They researched on the internet first and designed the tattoo together (thank you Monika, her new tattoo artist), Paqui had always wanted a tattoo, and Don gave her the courage to finally get one. And it didn’t even hurt!! Before the first one was done, she was already planning her second one!!

There was not one awkward or boring moment that entire week. It felt so right to be with him. Not even meeting his family was awkward. Paqui felt as though they were her family too. She loved his sister immediately. And as for his father… Paqui had lost her father almost 24 years ago, and the minute she saw his dad, she felt as though she finally had a father again. Within days, he was calling her his daughter in law and bringing tears of joy to Paqui’s eyes.

And to all those non-believers out there… There is such a thing as love at first sight, as well as just knowing that this is the person with whom you are supposed to be for the rest of your life. Only those who have experienced this can fully understand and accept.

I think that everyone that Don and Paqui told their story to, both family and friends, had that first reaction of “How can they be sure this is it? They have both been wrong before.” Yet everyone who saw them together, both in person and just skyping to each other, had to admit that they just glowed with happiness. That they looked right together. And more importantly that they made each other so happy, happier than anyone had ever seen them be before.

At first Don’s family had been worried that he was going too fast. He had been hurt before and had married someone too quickly, someone that he was now in the process of getting divorced from, even as he declared his love for Paqui. Yet I think (hope, feel, believe) that every single member of his family, from his dad and mom, to his sister, brother in law and niece, quickly came to accept, not just his love for Paqui, but also her love for him. They realized over that week what Don and Paqui had accepted within hours: that they were meant to be together.

And for all the curious out there…without giving too much detail or TMI, the physical side of their love was as fulfilling as the emotional side. Although all they had ever done in 1982 was kiss, lovemaking came as natural to them as kissing. Don gave her everything and anything that she had ever wanted. He made her feel like the most desirable and most loved woman in the world. And Paqui made him feel like a whole new man. It was just simply perfect. In every way. Romantic. Fun. Passionate. And yes, even naughty. Perfect. And with lots of practice (and I mean LOTS), it just got better and better every day.

The best moments? The pillow talks each night before they fell asleep. Sometimes they just talked about their love for each other. Sometimes they shared sad stories of the past, and held each other tenderly as the pain just melted away. They shared sad moments, shameful secrets, bared their very souls to each other, and they accepted these truths, and fell even deeper in love. They told each other things that they had never told anyone before. Things that will remain a secret to anyone else. Yet from this moment on, they had no more secrets from each other.

Paqui loved these moments. They would fall asleep listening to the almost 200 songs that they had sent to each other. They talked until one of them would fall asleep. Don caressed her arm continuously, as she lay in his arms. And he would even continue to caress her as he slept. Paqui felt safe and sound in his arms. She had not slept well the weeks after he found her, and she would sleep even worse when she returned to Michigan. But that week, in his arms, she slept like a baby, and after years of suffering from insomnia, she finally found peace. In Don’s arms.

With just a click – Chapter 9

  • March 4, 2015 at 3:10 am

How to describe that first moment in his arms? I don’t think any poet on earth could make it justice. But I’ll try. It felt so right. Like coming home. Paqui ran into his arms and he bent his head and kissed her. Let me tell you, time really does stand still, my friends.

As Monique was taping their reunion, Don and Paqui only had eyes for each other. Lost in continuous sweet, deep, toe-tingling, goosebump-bringing kisses. They were oblivious to the many people walking by and staring. (Darn, we really should have made this a reality TV show and made a fortune!!). Don and Paqui just held on for dear life and kissed each other as though their lives depended on it. And when Paqui posted it on facebook some time later, many a friend admitted to watching it in tears of emotion.

As Don and Paqui fell deeper and deeper in love, doubting nothing, some friends still had trepidations about their love. Yet anytime that these friends saw a photo of the two of them together, or the video of their reunion, or Don skyping her later on after the trip, and saw him looking at her with such love in his eyes, each and every one of the friends could simply not deny the deep and true love between them.

After what felt like hours, Paqui realized that they were not alone. And that she hadn’t even greeted Monique. With her typical squeal of happiness, she turned to her new sister and gave her a hug. Not quite leaving Don’s side.

Her sweet Don. Dressed in a suit to meet her. And Monique had brought her a rose. In a daze, Don and Paqui walked to the car, so close to each other that they were almost welded at the hip. Holding hands. Arm in arm. With as much of their bodies touching as was legally allowed in public.

Once they were in the back seat of Monique’s car, it was like being teenagers again. Nonstop kissing. Whispers. Caresses. Looking into each other’s eyes. Touching each other’s faces. Not one single solitary awkward moment. Meant to be.
Paqui had known deep inside that it would be good. But the reality of being in his arms, exceeded all of her expectations. She felt breathless. Her heart was pounding. She wanted so desperately to be alone with him.

The next few hours were sweet and precious. And slowly building up to that climactic moment of being alone in their hotel room. Which was still hours away. So many hours until they could be alone.

Paqui had landed at 6 am and the hotel check in was not until 1 pm. So those hours went by agonizingly slow. First they went to Monique’s apartment and Don made her breakfast. Chocolate. Another way to her heart.

Then they went to a shopping center near by and just wandered the shops. Don got her a Caillebaut hot chocolate with slagroom (whipped cream) and they just stared into each other’s eyes. Holding hands. Talking about everything and nothing. Just taking it all in.

Until. Finally. It was time to go to the hotel. Paqui barely noticed how beautiful it was. All she could think about was being alone with Don. Fulfilling their love for each other. Becoming one.

It was like an epic movie scene. Paqui chose one of the lingerie outfits that she had bought specially for him. Lingerie should really be MUCH cheaper. It never stays on long!! Thankfully it was not ripped off. Just lovingly slid down until it pooled at her feet.

Paqui had never felt like this before. Not just desired. But cherished. Worshipped. Needed. As though she were the only woman in the world. His touch, so tender and loving. His lips caressing every part of her body. His body taking hers and making her well and truly his.

Some things do need to stay private. This is one of those times. All that I can say is that their caresses really did bring goosebumps
and their kisses really did touch their very souls and the love making that followed really did turn two hearts and bodies into one.

And that was just the first time… And as we all know, practice does make things better… And boy, did they practice over that next week; morning, noon and night. More lovemaking in a week than some people get in a year.

Sigh. Color Paqui and Don very “appy.” Their smile that next morning at breakfast spoke volumes. A honeymoon couple would not have looked happier.

And I haven’t even mentioned the in person proposal or Valentine’s dinner!! But as they say… That’s for another day.