With just a click – Chapter 8

Paquita was packed almost as soon as she had bought her ticket. She got all her newest clothes. Bought some others because she suddenly wasn’t happy with anything she owned. Not even with her hair. She wanted to be that old European Paqui who had dressed with such flair until she had lost her joie de vivre. Don was bringing such positive change to her life, that she somehow knew that with him, she would once again be that Spanish girl again. Of the black hair and trendy clothes. Maybe when she was with him in Holland? Back in her beloved Europe, in her beloved arms’? If she only knew that upon her return she would be a new woman in every way…

Before they knew it, it was D day. Fly to see Don day. It had been an emotional week. On Monday, Don had asked her for her ring size. On Tuesday, he had bought the rings. On Wednesday Paqui had finished his Valentine’s present. On Thursday, she had gone shopping for Valentine accessories for her red dress. And on Friday, he had proposed to her in front of her students. And before she knew it, Paqui was driving to the airport, walking through the airport and telling strangers their story.

Paqui and Don skyped and texted until the very minute that she was made to turn off her phone. Well, she put it on plane mode, so that she could see his photos, read his texts. And continue writing their story of course, because by now their Facebook friends were hooked (even men), and they were asking for new chapters.

She stopped for a while to watch a sad love story. Crossings all fingers that their Love Story would be different. Paqui was not nervous. She had this feeling, all they way down to her toes, that the minute she walked into his arms, everything would be ok.

Suddenly her plane landed. She was in Holland. Almost before they announced that phones could be turned on, Paqui’s was on. No wifi. “What?” her head screamed. Her what’s app would not go through. So she called him. No answer. Paqui was flipping out, desperate to tell him that she had landed. Data roaming!!! She had turned it off!! Soon they were texting. And calling. And they were on the same continent.

Paqui almost flew out of the plane. Thinking that she would grab her suitcase and run into his arms. Who woulda thought that the airport was so fricking big? With her best friends Holly and Sherry texting her to see if she was in Don’s arms (and it was past midnight for the girls!!) Paqui was trying to find her luggage claim.

She finally saw it. And then she felt him. Right there. On the other side of the glass. She wanted to say, “Forget my luggage,” and run into his arms. She could see him. He could see her. And they couldn’t kiss still. Couldn’t be in each other’s arms. Couldn’t hold hands. It was like they were still separated by an iPad screen.

Paqui started begging the Gods of love to bring out her suitcase. Suddenly she saw it. Pink, of course. She grabbed it and just ran. Ran out into the arrival’s reception, dropped her bags and threw herself into his arms. Not even aware that his sister Monique was taping their first reunion in 33 years…

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