With just a click- Chapter 7

It seemed like forever since he had found her. And yet it wasn’t even three weeks. At first they had talked about him coming over in June for the whole summer. Then Paqui told him she had a week off in February and one in April. Once Don moved in with his sister, they started thinking about meeting sooner.
“Can I come over in February?” Paquita asked with her heart pounding.
“Yes,” he said, while his heart skipped a beat. Maybe the same beat that her heart had just skipped.
And within hours (after telling her bank teller and travel agent their amazing story), Paqui had bought an airline ticket and made a hotel reservation. When was she landing? By another beautiful turn of fate, her winter break started the day before Valentine’s Day. Can we all say, “Perfect timing?”
Paqui was going to see her Don on Valentine’s Day, after 33 years apart. The day of love. With rings in his pocket and dreams in their hearts.

The days sometimes crawled and sometimes flew. They counted them off, one by one. Each night time before he went to sleep and every morning that she woke up.
She had her suitcase packed a week before she left: filled with new clothes and lingerie… high-heeled shoes and her drop dead gorgeous red Valentine’s dress. The same one she had worn a few years ago for the “We hate Valentine’s Day party,” that she and her single friends had decided to celebrate. And here she was. Just a few days away from getting engaged on the most romantic day of the year.

Now her only problem was what to give him for Valentine’s, and finding the perfect Valentine card. She found about 10 of them and it took a long time to whittle down the choices to one. Don found his right away. A huge red card. With a sweet message, but even better a poem he wrote for her. A poem that brought tears to her eyes. Just like her poem had done to him. Her emotional Don. She truly loved this side of him. He cried in front of her with no shame. Not afraid to show his feelings for her.

In the end, it was easy finding a present for him. She made a scrap book of their love. Their first day together in 1983, with photos from that day. Their first email in 2015. Their first Facebook messenger and what’s app conversations, showing how they first went down memory lane, and then how they fell in love again. Paqui wrote deep into the night, copying things they had said to each other. Word for word. Hers in pink and his in blue. Their favorite colors. Five pages later, she was still on day one of finding each other and it was suddenly the night before she had to leave. Deciding to add more later, Paqui packed the scrapbook, several hundred pages of their messages that she had printed out. And she was ready to fly to him. A bundle of happy nerves. But no worries.
Paqui had only worried that first week, when he was still living with his ex-wife to be. Once he moved out and went to live with his sister, a sense of calm and rightness had swept over Paqui. This was meant to be. Always had and always would be.

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