With just a click – Chapter 6

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Proposals. Not just one. Many. So many that Paquita soon lost count. Only one man had ever asked her to marry him. That was Tom the father of her kids. And it was something she’d basically had asked him to do their last year of college. And he had never bought her an engagement ring. They had used a diamond from the Star of David given to her by her godmother. He had proposed in a field of daisies near the camp ground they were staying at by Chicago. No bended knee. No fuss or fanfare. Not like she had dreamed as a young romantic girl.

Darren had almost proposed to her. Just as he had almost married her. Just as he had almost moved from Canada to Michigan. He had told her that he would ask her. He’d approved of her buying a wedding dress. And then he waited till she was with him for the summer, to tell her that he wasn’t quite ready to get married. Telling that to a woman who had travelled with a wedding dress in the plane nearly crushed her. He had gone off to work that day and when he returned she was wearing sunglasses to hide her puffed up eyes. And when she had seen a wedding take place in the park that should have been hers, she had broken down.

Enough of the heartbreak of the past and enter Don. The one and only man (apart from her daddy) to never lie to her. Proposal #1? Just a few days after he’d found her. First they talked about it on Facebook messenger in one of those “I want to marry you” conversations. Paquita’s heart had jumped slightly, but had been afraid to totally believe.

Then came the voice text as she was about to enter Costco. They had just begun using what’s app that let you send photos and voice texts. So Paquita unknowingly opened up his voice text to hear him say “I, Don Horst, officially ask you, Francisca Paquita Roth to marry me.”
Paquita felt… Oh I cannot even put it into words. She was rendered speechless. Maybe for the first time in her life. All she could do was pinch herself. Hard. And play the voice text again. And again. When she felt the pinch and realized that she hadn’t dreamed it, she quickly sent this back “I, Francisca Paquita Roth, officially accept your proposal of marriage.” She must have listened to that text over and over again that week. Her sweet Don wanted to marry her.

The next proposals were on Skype (with no video) and again on Skype (with video). Her favorite proposal? Sigh, how do you choose between all the different kinds of chocolate out there? But one of her favorites was when he bought a rose, put it between his teeth and wrote “Will you Marrie me?” underneath it. Her heart literally stopped.

Then came the day (not even three weeks since he had found her) when he suddenly asked her for her ring size. She literally dropped everything and ran to the jewelry store. And the very next day, he bought not just one ring, but a matching set. Her friend Susan told her that she should go with him to pick one out. Not Paquita. She was not the kind of woman who wanted to pick out her ring. She wanted exactly what he did. To let him choose a symbol of his love for her. On his own. To hold in his pocket until she arrived. Why two rings you might ask? To follow the age old European tradition where the man and woman both wear simple silver engagement bands. What better symbol of their love than to both wear a ring? Don had asked what she wanted: a simple silver band (they both hated gold and loved silver) or one with a stone. “A simple silver band,” was her answer and what he had wanted in the first place.

Another favorite? She was in her last class before leaving for the airport to go see him. Her favorite 7th graders students were making Valentine cards in Spanish. They had just found out that she was going to see him, and they all thought it was so incredibly romantic. Her five favorite girls that she’d known for over 6 years asked her if he was going to propose. A small sweet secret smile burst out in her face. “I don’t know,” she told her kids. “Yes, you do,” said wise Elizabeth. “Did he ask you for your ring size?” Said sweet Barbara.
“Yes,” was all she could say before the class erupted in screams. “Shhh,” she admonished worrying that the school principal would glide into her classroom quietly as he was wont to do!!
Suddenly the girls were making Valentine cards for Don. Paquita took photos and sent them to him.
Jane sent one (in Spanisg, so didn’t that make it a good activity for a Spanish class?) saying, “Marry Señora Roth” Don told Jane, “Yes!” Barbara sent one that said,”Will you marry Señora Roth?” Don told her yes too. More screams later, she heard Karl say to her. “He better treat you right or I’ll come after him!” Sweet Karl who told her she always looked ravishingly. Paquita told Karl not to worry. That he was a cop and would take care of her. His answer? He turned to his friends and said,”He doesn’t love her as much as we do.” Paquita’s heart was overflowing. With her students’ love. With Don’s. It was now minutes until she left school to go see Don. And she told the kids that if they didn’t scream she would let them Skype him. The girls say down at once and were instantly quiet (note to teachers out there: This is the only way to get 7th grade girls quiet!!). Karl crossed his arms, ready to ask Don what his intentions were.

And on Skype. In front of all get student. Don asked her to marry him. And Paquita’s heart melted out the last sliver of ice.

The final proposals…that will come after the next commercials, as Ryan Seacrest was known to say!!

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