With just a click – Chapter 5

Chap 5

How does one fall in love online you might ask? Very simply. By sharing everything about your life. Being honest. Taking the time to talk and really get to know each other. Sometimes physical attraction can take over and lead you into thinking that you are in love. Yet you have not even gotten to know each other. It is just as important to like and respect the person.

Paqui liked, no loved, everything about Don. He was so honest with her. Something unknown to her until now. He told her of his kids, his health problems, his family and even his ex-wives. He never left anything out, no matter how painful or private.
Yet what Paqui loved first about him, was how open he was about his feelings for her. Something unbeknownst to her. She had grown used to men who were afraid to declare any kind of feelings for her, afraid to even commit to a second date, in case that somehow resulted in her thinking they were in a relationship. Some men had even admitted to falling in love with her at first sight, and then they had run far away, faster and harder than the knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One has total her that she was everything he had ever
wanted… in the future… one day… when he was ready. The few men that she had been with for more than a few months had been all wrong for her. Nice men, yet with the totally wrong personality for Paquita. They were
all men who did not inspire love or passion in her. They were men that she knew would never hurt her tender, bruised heart. Men she had settled for, time and again so as not to be alone. And yet with each time she was with one of them, Paquita had lost a little bit more of her soul. A little more of her faith in love.

Last summer she’d had an epiphany and had left that last nice man. She had tried online dating ONE MORE time and then had simply given up on dating. She had written over 30 Gigi stories and had lots more to write. But with each sad sorry story, she has become more sarcastic and even cruel. Perhaps I’ll be single forever, she had told herself. Instead, she began spending the weekends with her girlfriends, playing with their babies or young children. She felt happy with them, if not complete. At least she didn’t feel lost or pressured anymore.

Yet the minute Don returned to her life, Paquita realized just how empty and unhappy she’d been. With life. With her job. Even with herself. All she did was teach and tutor. Read books. Watch movies and television. Cry desperately when her favorite tv characters died (Did they really have to kill Beth on Walking Dead? Seriously? Seeing Darryl cry broke her heart)

Once Don was in her life, she was making time for herself. Planning a bright and happy future with Don. The first few days were so hard, because he was still living with his ex, so they could only style in his mornings, and he was not always free to text.
He planned to go to his sister’s house for a day… and to Paquita’s joy, he ended up moving in her and officially leaving his wife. Within a few days he had started divorce papers. And now they were free to text and Skype to their hearts’ desire.
Soon they had a beautiful routine that helps the distance between them. Don would Skype Paquita before she went to work. She would Skype him at lunch every day. Then he would Skype her at 11 pm his time every night. And texting? It was nonstop. Love texts. Songs exchanged. Photos and loving quotes. Watching three weeks they had over 200 pages of facebook messages. And proposals. Yes marriage proposals. Paquita soon lost count of how many times he proposed to her.

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