With just a click -Chapter 3

The happiest moment that first day that they talked together, after 33 years, was when Don immediately told his Paqui, that he was getting divorced. Paqui’s heart flip flopped and suddenly everything was alright with her world again. The decision to divorce had been his wife’s idea, and one that he supported whole heartedly. Paqui was happy not to be the instigator of a divorce… again.

Within hours, they were talking about the possibility of a future together. Don and Paqui together again.
During the next few weeks, Don told her just how special her memory had been to him, and that losing her so young, was probably the reason that none of his relationships had ever worked. With Paqui he was a totally different man: sweet, romantic and passionate. And Paqui quickly realized that no one had ever loved her the way her Don did. It had finally happened. Gigi was dead and buried, and Paquita was reborn, with that same deep faith in love she had had since she played the “Who will I marry game?” with her girlfriends. Don made her want to say, “I do” again. And this was just days after hearing the Colbie Caillat song version named this, and telling herself that she would never ever want to get married again. She shivered thinking how she had almost married Darren so many years ago. A man who would not leave Canada to live with her, because of his young kids, even though he ended up leaving his kids… for a job. She was happy that she’d left Larry, the man she’d settled for a few years ago, so as not to be alone. He couldn’t even drive half an hour to be with her. And here finally was an amazing man, willing to leave his family and country in another continent to be with his Paqui.

And all this before even meeting in person. They truly fell in love within hours of finding each other again. Weeks later, Paquita printed out all of their messages (several hundred pages) and was able to track their path to falling in love. Add these pages here? Well then their story would be filled with pages and pages of sweet endearments. Never sweet nothings. How could anyone call
this a sweet nothing:
“I am so longing for you.. I need you so much… for you are the girl who saved me from bitterness and loneliness. I will love and cherish you till my heart stops beating. And I will still be loving you in afterlife. For we are connected for eternally”
When Paqui heard this, it literally stopped her heart for a second, until the way that he looked at her on Skype, so tenderly and lovingly, started it up again?
Maybe after their story is published, she can publish a prequel. Sequel? Addendum? Of just their messages to each other.

That first day Paqui told him that she was sadly single and she gave him one warning: that he might fall in love with her again.

He replied that it was too late. He had always loved her and always would.

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