With Just a Click-Part 1

With just a click, she might have lost him once again. This time for good, never to be found again.

Yet the subject line caught her eye. “Blanes,1982”. Something about that tugged at her memory. Paquita rubbed the sleep from her eyes and opened up what would be the most important email in her life.

She had been told by others that she was
Unforgettable. So much so that Nat King Cole’s song could bring her to tears. She had once even believed it. But time and again, they still walked away from her, even after their declarations of love and their insistence that she had lived on in their memories.

You’d think that this would have made her impossibly bitter and cynical. Maybe her heart was a little bent, a lot empty, and just slightly scratched. Yet she still had that deep, unshakeable naive belief that out there was her great love. Just waiting to be found.

“Be careful”, her friends would tell her, time and again. “What if he’s lying and breaks your heart?”

Paquita would just shake her head, bite her lip, curl her hair around with her finger, smile with hope in her eyes, and respond, “What if he’s the ONE, and I walk away and lose the chance for true love?” And she would chance it. Risk it all in hopes of finding her true knight in shining armour.
Who once said,”T’is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?” He was an important wise poet, whose name escaped her at this moment. But there was nuo time for Siri or Google…

Right now she had an email to open. Had she known that, just days later, she’d be head over heels in love with a man whom she hadn’t seen in 33 years, would she have still opened the email? You bet your bottom dollar she would have.

With slightly trembling fingers, she opened up the email. Was it really him? Her long ago sweet Dutch boy summer romance? Omg it was. In the first lines he asked,”Hi Paquita…are you the Paquita Roth I met in Blanes, while you were on vacation with your mum? You were my girlfriend, and we were madly in love. I hope you still remember…. I never stopped thinking about you.”
With her heart pounding, Paquita closed her eyes, and the old emotion rushed in. She could picture him clearly in her mind, a tall, beautiful blondish Dutch God (were they related to the Roman, Greek and Norse Gods, she asked herself in a daze?)
It seemed like just yesterday, even though her heart had tried to forget by putting him away in the deepest recesses, filed under “Lost love” or was it misfiled under “The one who got away?” She wasn’t good at filing on a good day, and her poor heart had too many sad stories to keep under lock and key.

But she remembered him at once. By the difference he’d made in her life. He’d been the one true sweet gentle boy who had never tried to hurt her, lie to her, or use her. They’d simply been two young teenagers far from home, vacationing with their parents. And the days of Romeo and Juliet were a beautiful play, and not their reality. So when the vacation ended, Paqui, as he called her, and Don were torn away from each other. She remembered crying, and spending the rest of the summer in depths of despair that would have rivaled those of Anne of Green Gables. She even had a photo… A photo!!
Paquita jumped up and rushed to her photo album. And there they were: wrapped up in each other’s arms, side by side with eyes glowing with young, pure love and their mouths spread wide in puppy love smiles. And there was her photo just days after he had left, hugging her jacket that still smelled of him, lost in sadness. These photos brought tears to her 48 year old eyes. And they brought tears to his 51 year old eyes when she finally showed them to him.

Paquita had never thought that she’d find her true love at the ripe old age of 48, even though she must admit she looked at least 10 years younger; 20 years younger insisted her young students hoping to charm an A out of her on a test. It never worked, though it would make her smile.

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