With just a click – Chapter 2

The minute she realized this totally out of the blue email was from her long lost love Don, Paquita immediately sent him a quick reply that began with her favorite OMG!!

Too impatient to wait for an answer, she clicked on facebook. and looked for him. (Thank you Facebook). She found him quickly and requested his friendship. While waiting with her heart pounding so hard that she could hear it, she looked at his profile, and found out that… he was married. Married. Her overjoyed heart plummeted down immediately. Why had she even considered that her luck in love was about to change? Married. Why then had he sent her an email telling her of his past love and that he had never forgotten her? Was he that cruel? Surely not her sweet Don.

At this point, she should have thrown her iPhone out, followed by her two Apple iPads (Oops, maybe only one, since one belonged to her employer) and her Mac laptop (Would this be enough to get Apple to invest in publishing her story one day?).

However Paquita could not throw out anything that had brought back such sweet memories, whether they brought a happy ending or not. Paquita was many things, but a coward towards love was one thing she was not. Time and again, she jumped in, her heart in her hands, her eyes closed, crossing her fingers, and clicking the red (or more often pink) heels that would take her back to her past in a blink.

All she could do now was wish that he really wasn’t married. That his married status was there just to scare away stalker ex-girlfriends!! “Please please please,” she whispered, as she was wont to do when deeply wishing something.

It was not too long before her facebook messenger pinged in that memorable way. Its ping made her fingers tremble and her heart flutter. What would this conversation bring to her terribly lonely and loveless life?

And so, first with a click and then with a ping, began their first live conversation in 33 years. Who would have known that a short few days later, she would be buying a ticket to go see him in Amsterdam? Maybe the craziest thing she’d ever done in her life, but one that she knew deep in her heart, she would never regret. Not ever. After 33 years she was coming home

With his first words to her, Paquita’s heart, Paqui’s heart, skipped a beat.

“Hi Paqui….how are you doing? I never stopped thinking about u since I left Blanes, 33 yrs. ago, simply couldn’t get u out of my head, dreaming how it would have been if we had a chance to stay together”

With these few, simple, honest, straight from his heart words, he tugged at Paqui’s heart. She could no more have stopped herself from falling in love with him, than she could pass by anything pink in a store without taking a second look, and more than likely buying it, even if she didn’t need it. She was his from his first “Hi Paqui.”

Paqui. No one had called her that since those long ago days. Certainly none of the others who had loved and left her. They had called her by other names. Paquita. Frances. Frankie. All the way to her latest Gigi, writer of sarcastic, hopeless online dating stories. Writing. Her way of keeping sane in this new loveless commitment phobia dating world. Strange how each and every Gigi story that she’d written, had been written after the fact. Tongue in cheek, sarcastic, and even slightly cruel at times. But never had she written a love story as it was happening. Another big difference between being Gigi and Paquita. (Never forget that my love. You are not another love chapter from “Love stinks”. You are my Love Story. With capital letters and the double exclamation points her first grammar teachers tried to get me to stop using, with no luck.)

Yet this sweet charming man from her past remembered not only her nickname, but even her home address, her white bikini from long ago, her sparking eyes, her smile and that she had a habit to bite her lips when feeling emotional. He even remembered her mum and her dearest dad and that he had been a journalist. Every time he told her that he had not once forgotten her in 33 years, the cold barrier she’d built around her damaged heart began to crumble. With not even a whistle, he’d made her heart I
open up itself to him. Once again.

They felt as though they were once again 16 and 19, when they had been sweetly and naively in love with each other, unaware of the damage their hearts would receive from others not even close to being worthy of their love.

Although I’m sure that many of their friends, and maybe even you, reading this story, thought they were mad or crazy, it never felt like that to either Paqui or Don.

It felt so right. Like coming home after being in college and settling back into your beloved old bedroom. It was quite simply home.

Paqui and Don were finally where they belonged. Together again. Well, together in spirit and emotions.
Because with Paqui’s usual luck, he was not just not in her state or country. He was in a different continent. With a six hour time difference to boot.

That time difference is what Paqui came to hate the most. Having him go to sleep while she had hours to go before she slept was, at least to her, worse than being so far from each other.

Nevertheless, soon they were texting nonstop. (Thank you Whatsapp),Soon they were the last voice they heard at night and the first they heard in the morning. (Thank you Skype). Suddenly Paqui was a morning person, getting up early just to speak to him before going to work.

As each day passed, her smiles got bigger and bigger, until even her middle school students, normally thick skinned teenagers concerned with their own issues, noticed that their Mrs Señora Madame Roth (such is the life of an English teacher turned Spanish teacher, turned French teacher!!) was suddenly all smiles and not even annoyed by Karl anymore. Karl, that one student guaranteed to drive a sane teacher mad!!

Don brought a whole new, totally unknown happiness to her life. In just a few days, he gave her more love than anyone else had in their 33 years of dating. And in just days, Paqui had her Don all smiles, ready to totally change his life for Paqui, his forever girl.

The first time he called her this, her heart melted just a little bit more.

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