Guest Writer #137: “10 Crushes Almost Everyone Has at Some Point”

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Romantic crushes are a normal part of growing up. We ‘fall in love’ or idolize people around us. These emotional fantasies can last a few hours, days or months. Everyone has them from time to time as small children and even teens. Here are ten crushes that almost everyone experiences at one time during their lives.

Teacher – The teacher crush can happen at any age and multiple times. Kindergarten boys often fall in love with their teachers. Teenager’s fall for the young new teachers just out of college. Even college students get crushes on their professors.

Babysitter – This is usually a little boy who adores the pretty teenage girl who comes and plays with him and reads him stories at night. He has her sole attention, why shouldn’t he adore her?

Parent – Most pre-schoolers make it known that they plan to marry their mom or dad. There is even some jealousy at times regarding the attentions of the same gender parent towards their sweetheart.

Sibling’s friends – Little sister’s might not admit it, but the pestering they do of their older brothers is often aimed at getting the attention of the brother’s friends. Of course, it works both ways. Boys often fall for their sister’s girlfriends, as well.

Neighbor – There always seems to be a neighbor boy or girl who seems to have enough mystery wrapped around them to attract the heart of one of the other kids. Usually, it is a new kid on the block whom the others haven’t gotten to know well enough to treat with disdain.

Pop star – Every generation has its teenage idols, a few for the girls and few for the boys. They work well for fantasy romances and usually don’t last long.

Movie star – The stars are even more likely to garner some heart throbs from their fans, especially if portrayed as romantic leading men or women.

TV star – Small screens create just as big of stars these days as the big screens do. There are plenty of television stars who have fan clubs full of devoted girls and boys; some of those stars even dress in purple dinosaur suits.

Best friend’s sibling – When you’re over at their house a lot, your best friend’s siblings will either be an irritant or a potential crush. If it turns into a crush, watch out for mom and pop, they might not be as keen on having you around.

Athletic star – You don’t have to be an actor to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Athlete’s manage to do that too. You don’t even have to be a pro athlete; high school or college uniforms work just as well to attract the eyes of fellow students.

So, if your child seems to go from one mad crush to another, don’t be too concerned about it. It is quite normal. Be thankful they’re still in the ‘crush’ stage.

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