Toys for the Lonely #181: “Passion wave”

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  • November 13, 2011 at 2:08 am

There is nothing better than feeling a cool autumn breeze coming in through your bedroom window while you are snuggled on a brand new queen bed, under a heated blanket, about to review an adult toy that you have had lots of fun playing with. What better way to spend a Saturday night? To be with an actual man in that bed? That would be just too much to ask for, so Sassy has to content herself with her toys that never let her down!! is among Sassy’s favorite websites, always there to send her toys to fill her lonely nights, and they can be there for you too!! Sometimes Sassy wonders how many lonely woman are out there reading these reviews and ordering the toys she reviews. Not many leave comments here… I guess toys are still a bit of a taboo, and not something you yell about proudly from roof tops. Well, Sassy would proudly do that… if she weren’t a teacher of course!!

Since she began reviewing toys, her small toy collection has become massive, and one of these days she is going to throw the toy party of toy parties and show her girl friends just what they have been missing. She has fond memories of most of her toys, and of course some are close favorites and get used over and over again.

The Passion wave is aptly named, for that is what it brings: Passion. And pleasure. Wrapped up in a delightfully pink toy just perfect for women Toys for Women. This wonderful toy has three speeds that increase in strength by pressing the arrow in the middle of the toy, but it does not actually vibrate. The bottom button makes the toy swivel in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. It is wrapped in a soft white gel-like substance, and the shaft of the toy seems to undulate from bottom to top, like a continuous wave, bringing undulations of joy with its 9.5 inches inserted in you. The wave motion is created by slender disks inside of the shaft, so it does not thrust and vibrate like other toys do, but is very different and incredibly pleasurable.

It does not have a clitoral stimulator, so if you like that sensation when playing with a vaginal toy, you might want to combine this toy with a clitoral stimulator, which is something Sassy does quite a lot. It is very sturdy, so you can lie on your stomach pressing hard against it. This pink and not so little toy will have a place of honor by Sassy’s pink bed, and she will spend many a manless night enjoying toy-made orgasms!!

Click below to get yours:

Passion wave

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