Toys for the Lonely #180: “First time softee pleaser”

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  • November 12, 2011 at 12:18 pm

There are sex toys out there for every one, both the experienced toy user and the beginner. There is no doubt that Sassy is of the very experienced kind, but once upon a time, a very long time ago, she was a beginner. In those days they didn’t have the large array of toys available today. I only wish they had had them. Sassy would have loved to have a toy like the one just requested she review.

Now this is not a toy for the experienced toy lover. It is small, and the vibrations are very mild. They are controlled by turning the base, and they increase slightly in speed. yet for a beginner, this would be the perfect toy. It is not one of those multifunctional toys, but just a plain and simply small vibrator. It is only a little over 6 inches, is not very thick, and is very quiet. All of these factors make it perfect for a young toy user. Hmmm should one buy these for teenage children? Would it keep them from going out and having sex too soon? Just a thought…

Sassy will give it a few stars for those beginners out there, but it is definitely not a toy that she will be using a lot. The only fun she had with it was rubbing it hard against her clitoris. But as far as inserting it goes, it really did not do that much for her.

Click below to get yours:

First time softee pleaser

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