Toys for the Lonely #178: “Duality”

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  • November 11, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Sassy loves anything that comes in a collection, and normally saves up to buy them all/ She loves sets of things that go together and match each other, and she always wears things that go together just perfectly. Her last review of the Unity leads to this one, the Duality: both wonderful sex toys made by Sassy’s favorite toy makers Evolved Novelties Collections. This amazing company has collections of toys, each one differing slightly in shape, color, and function, different enough that you want to have them all, and feel as though something is missing if you only have two of them. Sassy will not stop until she has them all!!

If you compare the Unity to the Duality, you will see that they both have two ends that are unlike each other, giving you the option of which to use. There are two buttons in the middle that control each end, giving you the option to have both ends vibrating at once, or only one. As you can see by the photos, the ends are totally different, and create different feelings when using them. You have the more rounded and gentle tip, which is great for stimulating the clitoris. There is also the very curved and pointy edge, which reaches deep inside you, and can quite easily reach that very elusive G-spot.

My favorite end of this wonderful toy is definitely the pointy curved tip. It even has a bump in the middle, that feels wonderful when you sit on it. And sit on it you can. This toy is very sturdy and resists breakage, which Sassy has been known to do to her toys. Sassy does not go gently into that good night, and she uses her toys with relish. Having these two toys from the Fusion collection makes her wonder what the other two are like, and she is hoping that she gets to review them one day soon.

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