Book Review #15: “Sex over 40”

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  • November 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm

If there is one thing that Sassy loves as much as sex toys it is sex books, and there are so many to choose from, and so much to learn from them. Sassy has always been an avid reader, and that is how she is chock full of information. Sassy loves everything there is about sex, so using toys and reading about it are two of her favorite things to do. You can guess what her third favorite thing is… sent Sassy a wonderful list of things to choose from, and as always it was hard choosing only two. Sassy has never been good at only choosing a few things… she normally wants everything she can see. But the choice for this book was easy. Sassy is in her 40’s and she wanted to see what insights this book could teach her. So for the past few nights, she has been snuggled in bed with her toy of the moment (since men are not as easily found as toys and books), reading all about what it means to have sex over forty.

Writing about toys is quite easy, since you simply use them and point out their best features. Writing about a book is trickier. You want to not reveal all the good parts, but just give enough tidbits to intrigue someone else to read it for themselves. You cannot give it all away, or give away the best parts.

The first thing that Sassy wanted to know about the book would be to see how it differentiates between men in their 40’s and women in their 40’s. It is an age where the body is no longer as young or vigorous or sometimes as energetic, and yet people in their 40’s still want and crave sex. So sometimes all one needs is some help and advice on how to keep things alive and going. Sex is a very important part of one’s life, and one of the things we miss the most when we are not getting it.

They saw men are better at it when they are younger, and women want it more as they get older… which can make things very difficult, and might be why women love being with younger men!! Nothing is as embarrassing to a man as not being able to fulfill his woman, in not being able to perform… or to a woman who is unable to excite her man. Books like these are wonderful because they can give hope to those who might have lost it. Books are the best place to find vital information that one cannot easily find or ask for elsewhere.

The chapters of this book say it all:

  • Sex and the Over-Forty Male
  • How Women Over Forty Change Sexually
  • Becoming a Better Lover After Forty
  • Sex and Your Health After Forty
  • Overcoming Erection Difficulties

These are all very real issues in the lives of people over forty, and these chapters contain subsections on how to help improve your sex life and firmer erections, with the use of drugs, exercises, and new ways of doing things. It even tells you how to have sex if you have health problems, such as arthritis an back problems, heart issues, high blood pressure, and even more serious life changing conditions. It is truly a book that everyone over forty should have. And it is definitely better to face your problems and try and find solutions for them, rather than ignore them and let it detrimentally affect your sex life. Give up on sex? Not Sassy!! No matter how old she gets, and with this book, maybe she won’t give up on men in their 40’s anymore…

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