Toys for the Lonely #175: “Your Highness”

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  • November 10, 2011 at 10:30 am

It is truly a neverending surprise to Sassy on just how many sex toys there are to choose from, and she loves the fact that she gets to sample them, write about them and keep them. And yes, the bin under her bed has multiplied over the many months since she began writing reviews. Some of the toys get used again and again, and some gather dust and are sadly never used again. The best part is that Sassy can always be honest about whether she likes them or not.

Good vibrations has sent Sassy many toys since they joined our blog, and for the most part she loves all of their products. Every now and then, however, she does meet a toy that just does not thrill her to bits. And I must confess that this is one of those moments. This vibrating dildo can be used vaginally or anally. As far as the vaginal function goes, Sassy was not impressed. The vibration is very mild, and the toys is quite small, and not felt very much once inserted. There is only one speed. It is not a terrible toy though, and for beginners, it must just hit the spot. It is flexible and the base of it stands up well if sitting on it, or lying against it. If you rub yourself hard enough against it, you could reach a satisfying orgasm.

As far as anally goes, Sassy tried that too. Sassy likes all kinds of toys. Sometimes a toy works better in one place than in another, and in that respect, Sassy liked it better there, since she prefers smaller things there, and lesser vibrations. It inserts quite easily, due to its oval and beaded shape, which also maintains it well in place and does not let it slip out easily.

This toy actually worked quite well anally, especially when inserting another toy in vaginally, and thus getting a double effect. Sassy actually used the mini i-rabbit from this website that she just reviewed, and both toys together were AMAZING!! So all in all, this toy could have its uses, and might not go into the depths of the Land of Misfit Toys… OMG I slay myself!! Land of Misfit Toys indeed… Sassy should start that category on its own, and it is one that will not go to the land visited by Rudolf… Methinks that Sassy will keep them together at the top of the most used toys… to use together from now on.

Click below to get yours:

Your Highness

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