Toys for the Lonely #176: “I-rabbit mini”

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  • November 10, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Sassy’s absolute favorite sex toys are the ones with multiple functions, and rabbit vibrators almost always fall into this category. If you do not have one of these amazing toys, you really should get one right away. It is definitely a girl’s best friend, and much cheaper than diamonds… plus, if there is no man in your life, it will make you quite happy at home.

Good vibrations is one of Sassy’s favorite websites. They have such an amazing array of products, from toys to accessories, from lubricants to sensual massage products. They even have a magazine with great articles (yes, Sassy has sent them some of her X-rated stories that cannot be published here!!). But back to the wonderful rabbit vibrator. They are so well known and so incredible, that they even get mentioned on tv shows like “Sex in the city”. As you can see from the picture below, this is quite the nifty gadget.

What you cannot understand from just a picture are all the variables of this toy. There are two controls on the toy. The first one controls the clitoral stimulator that, aptly named, rests against your clitoris, stimulating it vigorously. The second one controls the main shaft of the toy, that is filled with pearls, that stimulate you inside when you insert the toy. Each control has four different speeds, growing in strength. But what is even neater about this toy is the main F button that changes the actual functions of the toy, making it turn one way and then the other. It also makes the speed go from continuous to pulsating. It can pulsate once and stop, pulsate several times and stop, or continuously move around and around inside you. You will enjoy simply playing with it in your hand to get the hang of it, and then fire away while it is inside of you.

It is even water proof, so you can take it into the bath tub or jacuzzi with you… hmmm, Sassy will have to try that one of these days. It is not a very big or thick toy, but it definitely does its job well. For those of you wondering about its exact measurements, these are: total length: 9″, Insertable length: 5″, Diameter: 1 3/8″. It comes in blue or purple, and it now has a place of honor by Sassy’s bed, bringing her what men can’t these days: a very satisfying orgasm!!

Click below to get yours:

irabbit mini

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