Female Products #12 and male products #7: Pleasure gel

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  • November 4, 2011 at 12:05 am

When you have a large collection of toys, you find that you also need some very essential sex toy accesories. After all, if there is no man with you to stimulate you, then you might need some help in the lubrication department, or stimulation one. And Babeland.com has just what you need, and then some!!

Sassy has received some wonderful toys from this great website, and lately she has been trying a variety of what they have to offer. There hasn’t been a steady man in Sassy’s life, so she has found need of female products, such as this great arousal gel. When Sassy first began playing with toys, they didn’t have these amazing accessories: gels that warm, cool, or stimulate your private areas.

This pleasure gel can be applied directly on your clitoris, and be prepared for a very intense feeling, as it will tingle delightfully and will add a surge of pleasure to your orgasm, whether you induce it with a toy, or with another person. This gel is made with arginine and organic peppermint oil. Sassy has been using it with all of her toys ever since she got it, and will soon be needing another bottle!! It is easily dispensed by pressing down on the tip of the bottle, and it works its magical effect immediately.

Click below to get yours:

Arousal gel

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