Toys for the Lonely #174: “Sparkle Vibe”

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  • October 31, 2011 at 11:03 pm

Sassy just loves her job… How many jobs involve lying in bed playing with something that brings you pleasure? And how much better than when it involves sex toys

Now this is not really a paying job, although Sassy does make money at times when someone buys toys that she recommends… so buy buy buy!! Sassy has things to pay for!! The other good thing about this job is that she gets to keep all of the toys that she reviews… enough that she has three big tupperware boxes under her bed, simply filled withh great toys.
sent Sassy some of their smaller toys, and it has been like a Goldilocks tale so far… one was too small and not strong enough, one was a little bigger and a little stronger, and one was the biggest and the strongest of the three!!

This one? You guessed it (especially if you read the previous toy reviews)… this is the biggeest and strongest of the three. It is a vibrator, albeit a small one. But it is pink (Sassy’s favorite color), matches her bedroom decor, and it is amazingly strong for something so small.

You control the vibe by turning the knob at the end, and it ends up vibrating quite merrily and rather loudly. It has no extrra bells and whistles: no attachments, no bumps or ridges, no curves or hidden gadgets. It is what it is: a small long bullet of a vibrator. But it is very strong and sturdy, and big enough that you can lie on your stomach, insert it, press hard against it, and get a nice enough orgasm.

Sassy has a cute little pink pillow that is actually a toy holder, and she will be keeping this Sparkle vibe in it for a quick pick me up, and quick thrill giver.

The good thing about all of the toys sent to her by this website is the very reasonable prices. Toys can be very expensive for those of you who do not get them for free, and it is always a goood idea to have some of the smaller, simpler, andd cheaper toys in your collection. This one would be a great addition!!
Click below to get yours:

Sparkle Vibe
Sparkle Vibe

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