Toys for the Lonely #169: “Heartbreaker”

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  • October 30, 2011 at 12:02 am

There have been a lot of new things in Sassy’s life… a new home, new students, her oldest son going off to college, and of course, new sex toys. Men may come and go in her life, and can never be depended on. Yet anything sent to Sassy from is here to stay, and as long as she has a big supply of batteries, they never let her down!! In fact, these toys are what keep her sane, when men come and go, cheat and lie, and set fire to her bathroom… OMG the stories Sassy has.

Sassy loves the color red, and anything about love. So a toy with the name Heartbreaker that is red, appeals to her senses and sense of humor. Sassy is not so much a heartbreaker, but more of a heart-breakee, but one of these days she hopes to turn the tables!! For now she will content herself with playing with a heartbreaker, if not quite being one. This toy is a wonderful, sturdy, strong little toy, with three speeds. It even matches Sassy’s color scheme in her new apartment (which is all either red or pink).

The speeds of this toy are quite strong enough to bring one pleasure when there is no man in your life. The three speeds are all steady vibes, going from low to stronger. It is smooth to the touch, and sturdy enough to be able to sit and ride it without fear of breaking it. Its angled shape makes it the perfect shape to reach your most inner vulnerable spots, and at them same time press snugly against your clitoris. It is also small enough to be travel-friendly and go with you wherever you go, fitting nicely in a handbag. This makes it the perfect toy to take with you when you are going somewhere to meet someone, and you might have need of a toy to add some excitement to your night.

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