Toys for the Lonely #168: Ben-wa balls

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  • October 29, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Sassy hasn’t written a toy review in some time… she has been busy moving from her home to an apartment. Let me tell you… moving over 150 toys was so much fun!! Sassy kept double checking that they toys were not visible to her neighbors as she was moving boxes in to her new place!! It took some time to put everything away and settle in, but Sassy is back and ready to share some great reviews with you. And her first review comes from

This website is one of Sassy’s favorites. They regularly send her an email with a dozen links to toys on it, and she can choose 2-3 from their list. And the toys are always top quality and soon become her favorites. Now not all sex toys and books are your normal vibrator or dildo, and Sassy has been able to experience some new toys, such as this one: Ben-wa balls. For those of you new to toys, these are balls that you insert in your vagina, and then leave in as you walk around and do your normal activities. Except that as you do these, you have something slowly teasing you, stimulating you, and maybe preparing you for a sexual encounter later on with someone special, or maybe just you in bed with a favorite toy.

As you can see by the picture above, these cute little red balls have a naughty look about them, right down to the devil-fork at the end, perfect for Halloween in my opinion, and Sassy intends on wearing them at the Halloween party she is going to (not as a she-devil, although that would be a great outfit!!).

Sassy has had these balls before, but they were bigger, heavier, and made of metal. She much prefers these ones. The balls are covered by a red plastic-like material, which makes them easy to insert, and are not as cold as metal. They are not heavy at all, and feel great inside. You insert them one at a time, and then to take them out, you simply pull on the devil tail slowly. It can help to use lubrication.

They do not hurt at all, nor do they irritate your inner parts. Instead, they sit inside you, close to your clitoris and as you walk, they rub against each other, and stimulate both your clitoris and vagina, without being an irritation. It can feel strange at first, but you get used to having the balls inside of you, and it can be quite a pleasant, and addicting little toy. And since there is no vibration noise, you can walk around in public, feeling deliciously naughty, knowing that you are getting pleasure with people totally oblivious to it!!

So why not be a daredevil and click below to get yours:

Dare Devil Vaginal Balls

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