Female Products #11: Little Red Riding Hood outfit

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  • October 29, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Dressing up can bring a little excitement into the bedroom, and spice things up. If your sex life has gotten a little humdrum and boring, think about buying a sexy outfit, greeting your man, luring him into your bedroom, and bringing that passion back into your love life. Dressing up does not have to be only at Halloween, although that can be fun too. Forget the boring, unimaginative outfits. Who wants a boring Halloween outfit? Not Sassy! Give her short and sexy any day, and Little Red Riding Hood just begs a girl to go find a big bad wolf.

Do you like fairy tales? How about picking one from Sexy Costumes That is where Sassy got her sexy outfit, which she will be wearing to a Halloween party tonight. She couldn’t quite wear it to work, for obvious reasons, since she teaches impressionable kids. However, she can wear it to her salsa club, and if she is lucky she will wear it to a private party for two tomorrow.

Sassy is not skinny, and she likes finding websites that have sizes for voluptuous women, like Plus size Sexy Costumes It is quite hard finding outfits to fit your curves, whether the curves are above or below the waist. Most outfits are made for the tall and skinny. Here you can find wonderful outfits to accentuate your curves and turn on your man.

Take it from Sassy… greet your man in one of these outfits, and you WILL knock his socks off, and earn his eternal gratitude. Sassy has photos of herself in several naughty outfits. These photos have her fully clothed, and even still, men love these photos. Sometimes being dressed in something provocative turns them on more than just being naked.

So give it a try… go to one of the above links and buy your outfit today!! Sassy has the naughty school girl which she loves, and now her Little Red Riding Hood one. She has her eyes on a few other ones… maybe she can get some more and let you know what men prefer… Hmmm now that would be a great blog question!! She has always wanted to get a Betty Boop outfit, since she is a great sexy role model!!

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