Guest Writer #106: “What his car says about him” by Helen Pritchard

Here is a dating article by a new guest writer, and we are hoping to get many more from her. It really made Gigi think about the men she has dated and what kind of car they drove… but what about the last few men she has met… who had NO car? Hmmmm… that should have told her a lot!!

The car a man drives says a great deal about his persona. Perhaps it would be a good idea to arrange a dating site which pairs up individuals depending upon the vehicle the gentleman drives? Obviously something of a generalisation but women tend to express themselves by their clothes and accessories whereas men often evidence their status by the car they drive. At a basic level, the car a man drives is dictated by his wealth.

Whether he buys a used car from netcars or drives a shiny new model, the value and type of car says a great deal. But does it say what he wants you to hear?

The class of vehicle, whether sporty or a compact car, will suggest his priorities in life. The colour of the vehicle will indicate how extrovert he may be. Gleaming yellow or bright red and you probably have a tiger on your hands. Mid brown and you should think reliable, maybe a little dull? Those who drive cars which are black or red can show a lack of commitment. Practical men appear to drive grey or blue vehicles. They will tend to focus on their career, savings and their family.

Even the country of original will tell you something. Someone who drives an American vehicle is likely to demonstrate trust and freedom in a relationship, suiting a woman who has her own individual identity. A man who drives a car built in Japan tends to want a woman to have a defined role. Men who drive European cars, particularly premium models such as those from Germany, are aiming to create a classy appearance, but this may not always be the case below the surface, with some being rather superficial in nature.

Owner of sports cars tend to fall into two camps: young, unattached men with bulging wallets; and older self-made types looking to recapture their youth. Beware both groups! They often feel that any woman is lucky to be with them. In the case of the older models, they may not be entirely unattached.

We shouldn’t ignore truck drivers. Usually sociable and family-focused, they are likely to be practical with the skills to maintain a home. Flexibility, however, isn’t one of the greatest assets in this group.

A man who drives a convertible is likely to be carefree and tends not to think about commitment or a long term relationship. Someone who drives a classic car is likely to be a hopeless romantic but will almost always have to be the centre of attention.

The vast majority of men drive everyday cars from manufacturers such as a Ford or Vauxhall. They see themselves as being fair minded but may lack confidence in their appearance. The age of the vehicle will offer some indication of financial security.

Huge generalisations? Certainly. Some truth? Definitely. The handsome fellow in a gleaming red sports car may well represent a wild ride in comparison with middle aged man in grey trousers, grey loafers and a 10 year old beige Lexus. The first may break your heart. The second may simply numb it. The question is, what do YOU really want?

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