List of Dating Activities #24: Ideas for Answering

Here are this week’s list of dating activities that come to us from Coolest Dates

Buy an ad in the campus or local newspaper . Afterwards, have the ad framed as a memento.

Starting at the front door of her house, make a trail of Hershey’s Kisses that leads to a shower. Hang roses from the shower head w/ a note that says – “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses, I will you go w/ you to _________!”

Get a couple packages of cookie dough, wax paper, and plastic forks. Put large scoops of the cookie dough on the wax paper with forks sticking out the top. Put these all over his/her room. Get a poster or a sign saying “If your forkin out the dough I’d love to go”.

Completely coat their room with crepe paper with your message on a poster board.

Fill a balloon with whipped cream, put your laminated message in the whipped cream.

Put a message in a plastic Easter egg and hide Easter eggs all over their yard.

Rent a billboard for a day and drive him/her past it. OR If you are short on money, get the local school to put your message on their marquee.

Make popcorn balls and stick your message in one of them. Hang all the popcorn balls on trees.

Go to the store and buy a puzzle (not too big) and put it together and on the back you write the message and take the puzzle apart then put it back in the box and take it to him/her to put together.

To answer… send a pizza to their house and make sure the pizza place puts pepperonis on top that say “yes” (make sure you pay for it).

Get a giant bag of fortune cookies. In only one cookie, insert your message.

Buy a bag of Hershey’s Hugs. Take out one or more of the papers that says hugs on it and substitute it with a strip or strips of paper with your message on it.

Go to the person’s house. Knock on the door and when they open it, say YES! And don’t forget to smile.

Use the old gas station/super market scavenger hunt. Give clues to help him/her find the right place and then have a certain question he/she has to answer to get the next clue.

Send a gold fish bowl with a treasure chest at the bottom. Attach a note that says “I would treasure your company at the __________ dance (or event).

Buy a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and Hershey’s Hugs. Arrange them in the shape of a heart on the hood of her car. Leave a note with them stating that “I have a heart filled with Hugs & Kisses just for you. Yes, I will go.” (This can only can be done in cooler weather).

Invite him/her to go on a treasure hunt by contacting different people. Include your friends. As an example, he/she may be asked to sing a song, or do a dance to get the next clue. The final destination could be a large cookie with the answer “YES”.

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