Guest Writer #99: “Dating ideas” by Katie Sykes

My last guest post was all about finding some interesting alternative date ideas, straying away from the usual dinner date or coffee shop. Now this was a few month ago, because since then, I have found myself in the company of a lovely gentleman, who as it happens is rather agreeable to alternative dating activities. 

We have been out for a few nice meals and talked a lot and got to know each other. But due to our schedules it’s turned out that we now really only have quality time to spend together during the day time on a weekday. So we have had to find things to do that will distract us from work and that aren’t dependent on the non-existent summer sunshine. 

He lives closer to London than I do, but I am lucky to have good transport links so this is where we meet.  So now I find myself always looking out for deals in London to find things that will keep us busy and allow us to spend time together. As he is a chef, he’s on his feet all day and lives at a very fast pace. I knew he’d appreciate some time out to relax, so instead of looking for an activity or something sporting I thought I’d be brave and suggest something new. 

I love massage and being pampered; I always feel like a princess afterwards and I think spending some time being looked after is important! And with all the  spa deals London has to offer it didn’t take me long to find something that we could both enjoy. I wanted him to feel great too! I tried to go for something that wasn’t going to be too girly. Obviously a manicure with polish wasn’t going to be his thing, and I wasn’t going to put him through a waxing. I found a nice milk wrap and massage package, that was for two people, so meant we would be in the salon together (And I got to see him with his top off wink wink) I’d had a massage before and all I had to do was lie on my front with my top off so I didn’t think this would be embarrassing for either of us. I hadn’t really taken in to account the wrap part, as I didn’t really know what to expect. 

Imagine my horror when the sheepish looking beauty therapist handed me a tiny paper thong and him a very unflattering pair of paper boxers to ‘slip in to’! We looked at each other for support and then realised if we wanted this treatment this was what we needed to do. I heard him laughing a lot but couldn’t bring myself to look! 

It turned out that the paper pants ordeal was well worth it for the quality of the treatment. A full hour of revitalising and relaxing pampering finished off with a facial, and we both left the treatment room with gorgeous skin and big smiles on our faces. 

We have also had something to laugh about from our experience and I think it has helped us bond a little, especially as we have both agreed that the paper pants will never be talked about with our friends. What goes on in treatment rooms, stays in treatment rooms?

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