Top “Ten” #40: Things to do when he/she flies in just to meet you

Gigi loves top ten articles, blogs, and of course the Letterman top ten. You can get some great and crazy answers!! This time Gigi wants to know the top ten things you should do if you meet someone online who lives far away, but is moving to where you live. He/she arranges to come in just to meet you, and wants to spend the whole weekend together… What should you plan to do together to get to know him/her?

From Gigi: You need to first have had many phone conversations and texts. A lot of getting to know each other, and some real photos of yourselves. A web cam would also be a good idea, so that there are no surprises when you meet. Then when you are together, spend your time doing fun things, talking, getting to know each other. Show him/her where you live and where he/she will soon be living. Take a chance and do it, because god only knows you might be sick of dating the people who actually live near you!! Gigi is the one having this date this coming weekend, and is hoping that she might finally meet THE ONE!!

From Jackson: Be yourself, don’t think about it too much and go with the flow. If expectations are not too high, nobody gets hurt. My best times were not planned in great detail.

From Boris: Whatever it takes to make sure he’s not a stalker.

I didn’t get any more advice from my face book friends, but I think that the most sensible thing to do is to get all of his or her information and give it to a close friend. And tell that friend that if they do not hear from you right away that day or the next, then they need to contact your family and/or the police.

This advice is not just for women. Men have to be careful too. Gigi had a great weekend with the man who flew in to see her, and all was well. Yet he too had to text his friends that he was safe with Gigi, since his friends were worried that he too could be harmed by a psycho. He told Gigi all about a story that he read about a man who flew to another state to meet a woman he’d been talking to online. He went home with her and while he was in her bed, she slipped out for a moment and two men with guns came in, beat him up, took his wallet, suitcase and all his possessions, and left him naked on the street. The poor man had to flag down a car, call the police and borrow money to get home.

So beware when meeting a stranger, and make sure that someone knows who you are with…

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