List of Dating Activities #21: Adventurous Dates

Here are this week’s dating activities from Coolest Dates

Go out to dinner and a movie (especially a chick flick that she wants to see). Editors note: This is not a good first date (you don’t get to talk and get to know each other).

Find a wild berry patch and enjoy picking and eating berries.

Check out a croquet set from a games center and play between the lights on campus .

Take your little sisters and/or brothers to a drive-in. Treat them to drinks and popcorn.

Take a stroll around the block — and hold hands as you walk.

Spend an evening looking through your date’s photo albums and high school yearbooks. Find a comfortable place in the home, free from distractions, to sit down together. While looking at the photos, try to guess what’s happening, where the picture was taken, what time of year it was, etc., before looking at the description sentences. The pictures in these books will be lots of fun for the person showing them. This is also a guaranteed night of laughing together. You will learn a lot about that person as they tell you the stories and experiences behind each picture.

Have a competition to design a protective package for an unboiled egg. Couples cannot spend more than $1 on supplies. Then see whose egg can be dropped from a pre-determined height without breaking. Make up a certificate for the successful couples.

Give each couple a recorder and a list of sounds to record for a sound scavenger hunt. If you don’t have sound recorders, you can use a video recorder.

Go miniature golfing (perfect for two to four couples).

Put together a puzzle on a rainy evening.

Drive around different neighborhoods in your area to find the most beautiful and oddest landscaping and yard ornaments..

Go shopping together for a gift for someone like your mother or father. Take your date along with you to the mall and look for the gift together.

Visit the botanical gardens in your city or town.

Check out the local newspaper’s entertainment section for free events.

Spend an afternoon cleaning out your garage attic.

Adventurous Dates
(for Ages 25-29)

Go trap shooting.

Go to a travel agency and explain that you are comparison shopping a trip you are planning to take. Ask for an itinerary of things to see. Get estimates for airfare, lodging, food, and transportation.

Go mountain climbing, but be sure you have the necessary gear to ensure a safe date.

Go skydiving. First time skydivers can do a tandem jump with an experienced instructor.

You could go trail riding on a four-wheeler. Afterwards, eat dinner, then relax while listening to music.

Go on a motorcycle picnic to your favorite sand dunes, beach, mountain area or park. Take a picnic to enjoy.

Take a gondola or ski lift ride at one of the local ski areas. Pack a lunch to take with you, along with snacks.

Invite yourself to the wedding reception of someone you don’t know. Don’t be surprised if they remember you.

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