Guest Writer #77: “Our Top Three Niche Dating Sites” by John Coon

Here is a blog on online dating by a new guest writer, John Coon.

Online dating is all about finding the right match at the right price. If you are going to shell out money to locate your soulmate, you want that dating site to get it right.

This is where niche dating sites serve a useful purpose. If you’re a pirate, for instance, you can find other pirates on a specially designed singles dating sites just for you. People who are reincarnated from ancient Egyptian priests and rulers can find love again on reincarnation dating sites. The possibilities are simply endless.

These three niche dating sites caught our eye with their attempts to come up with unusual matchmaking possibilities:

Cupidtino ( Are you a Mac or a PC? If it’s the former, your quest for finding a soulmate who shares your nerdy obsession with your iPod and MacBook Pro is at an end. This site aims to match Apple lovers together in romantic relationships because apparently their shared love of that technology means only an Apple lover can understand another Apple lover. Next up will be the Church of Apple. We’re sure there will be an app for that included on your latest iPhone.

Gene Partner ( This is what happens when you try to mix science with love. Now we have a site that is devoted to matchmaking at a genetic level. Forget about filling out a profile, posting photos or answering personality questions! With this dating site, you simply take a DNA test and are matched up with a person with DNA that is most compatible with yours. Truth is, sometimes a marathoner and couch potato make a great couple. So maybe checking compatibility based on self-professed interests is for the rookies. This site makes sure you and your partner are matched on a whole new level, and even checks for probability of a successful pregnancy.

Dating for Sea Captains ( Gone are the days when a sea captain was simply married to the sea. Now they can finally discover a first mate who shares their unhealthy devotion to the ocean. First mates don’t have to travel the world and the seven seas looking for love, either. They can simply drop their anchor at this port and browse through profiles of more than 10,000 sea captains. Setting sail in a happy relationship is made easier with this online lighthouse built to guide a new kind of “love boat” through an ocean of love.

John Coon is a freelance writer who blogs about self improvement via methods such as relationship building, meditation, and the best insurance providers.

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