Poem #57: “If I Tell You” by Dimonique Boyd

Gigi has had little time lately to blog, or even to add poems or people’s stories. I am trying hard to find time to start my blogging again, so here is a return of love poems written by friends of mine. My poetry? Gigi has not written a poem or a story in forever!! Baby steps, baby steps!! Here is a poem by Dimonique Boyd, one of my favorite poets, who also sends us great weekly blogs on her dating life.

If I tell you…
if I tell you right now
that this is real for me,
would it affect the way you feel for me?
I know you love me,
but sometimes
when what’s in your heart
starts staring you in the face
and you feel that racing,
you run.
I don’t want all that we’ve become
to come undone
but holding back what I feel
is undoing me
so tell me…
if I tell you…
if I tell you right now
what we’ve already said a thousand times with our eyes
would you feel trapped and try to escape us?
I’m not asking for a commitment
I just need a witness to confirm I’m not alone in this.
If I tell you right now
that I need you like air
would you breathe life into me
or leave me breathless?
I know the illusion of freedom appeals to you
but I’M shackled
weighed down by these emotions
and I refuse to tell you now
if it’ll make me lose you now.
If I tell you…
if I tell you now…
would you keep on…
would you keep on loving me…
even though you already know how much I…
can’t tell you now…

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