Guest Writer #63: “Bright new dating ideas” by Katie Sykes

Our dating blog keeps getting new articles every month, and today we have yet another one. We would like everyone here to welcome Katie Sykes, and her great article on date locations.

Let’s have a think about the most typical date locations…

Cinema? Only if you don’t want to talk to each other…. Meal out? Really, I have to eat in front of him?! Shopping trip? Will probably end in an argument…Coffee? Erm coffee breath!

If you want your first, or even second date to be interesting, interactive and memorable then the above options aren’t really ideal. If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while, you might be getting to the stage where it’s starting to feel like a chore, and you can’t really be bothered. After about a year of online dating, I found myself running out of coffee shops to go to on dates. Whilst at the coffee shops, drinking the same old drink in the same old chair, I’d find myself drifting off into a daydream rather than really listening to what my datee was talking about (usually themselves or a book they’d read, or their sister’s dog or something)

I decided it was time to think of a new strategy. If I was going to get to know anyone properly on a date and feel like I had really spent quality time with them, I needed to come up with some original and exciting ideas to fill the date time with.
My first port of call for inspiration was the trusty internet. Good old Google holds the answer to everything doesn’t it?

As always, the first factor to consider was budget. You never know whether your date is going to be a pay for everything type of guy, a double dutcher or a tight wad. I usually offer to pay my half so keeping the prices reasonable was pretty important! So with money in mind, I looked for inspiration with some money saving sites to see if I could maybe get some vouchers. Before long I stumbled across a pretty great website called Kelkoo Select. The suggestion that I might save up to 90% off some really good ‘experiences’ certainly brought a smile to my face. I could be paying tiny prices for going to places like a ghostly manor or the Hilton while my date would be none the wiser that I’d bought a voucher for £20 or so. And the best part is, any voucher you buy from the website lasts anything from a month to a year, so if he turns out to be a toad you can keep your voucher safe and use it when Prince Charming comes along instead.

Now, obviously these sorts of activities aren’t recommended for every single date you go on, as not only would this get quite expensive but surely there’s only so much excitement a girl can take? And all going well, once you’ve broken the ice after the first few dates surely you’ll be wanting to spend more time indoors…..
So I have been a bit naughty and treated myself to a few things that looked like fun. I’ve got one voucher for a Segway tour for two (men love gadgets don’t they?) – yes I have to wear a silly helmet, but it’s in the park which I think could be quite romantic, it’s bound to be a laugh and he might find helmet hair cute?! I’ve also managed to pick up a 1 hour DJing lesson. My thoughts were that we could get to know each other’s taste in music a bit better this way, and might gain a shared hobby?? Lastly I’ve treated myself to a cut price hair cut with all the works. I’m saving this for a while until I am invited out to a very nice restaurant with a very nice man once we’ve been on the other exciting dates. I haven’t found the man yet, but my online quest continues and if he doesn’t turn up before the vouchers run out at least I can spoil my best mate instead.

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