Love Games #6: Nookii

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  • March 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Sometimes it seems as though no one has time to make a special night for each other. We go through the routine of our lives, and things like romance and passion can be left to the wayside. And that is how relationships can begin to fall apart…when we no longer make time for each other. Making time for each other does not have to involve expensive trips or evenings out. You can create romance in the bedroom with candles, music and love games. And has all the love games you need to bring a spark of excitement back into your lives.

If you have never played a love game with your partner, you are missing out on a lot of fun. It can help you get to know each other if it is a new relationship, or it can bring you closer as you realize how well you know each other, if it is a longer lasting relationship. Plus, it is fun, different, romantic, and can be quite passionate too. Everyone needs that in a life full of work, stress, bills, and work problems.

The Nookii game is a great love game, and one that Sassy played with her special man as soon as she got it. Boy, does he love the toys, and books, and games that come her way, and thus enter his life too. No more humdrum routine for him!! He has a girl friend who is always trying to find ways to make their lives more exciting.

Nookii is a love game with a difference. It comes with accessories. It has a timer, a red lipstick, a pair of dice, a red silken blindfold, and a UV pen to draw or write invisible messages that you can only find with the small flashlight, that has a white, a purple, and a red light that it can give off. There is even a door hanger to leave on the doorknob, to let people know not to enter the bedroom because there is some nooky going on!! The six packs of cards are split up among the partners, and you simply follow the instructions. One pack is the rendezvous: preparing for your mission. One pack is the brief encounter: which involves having brief fun. The last pack is the undercover, which is when the mission ends.

When you read the instructions, it is quite clear how to follow the rules. It tells you just what to do…sensual, tantalizing, fun, teasing things to do… such as drawing on each other with the UV pen, and then using the flashlight to find what you drew, and kiss it lovingly. It has you drinking martinis in a sexy way, while enticing him (or her). It even gives you suggestions on ways to make love to each other… in different and exciting ways.

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