Toys for the Lonely #136: Little Su

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  • February 14, 2011 at 8:15 pm

Not all sex toys vibrate. Sassy feels that a woman should have an arsenal of all kinds of toys, for all of her needs and moods. Sometimes you may want one that vibrates and sometimes all you may need is a hard or soft toy to rub against. If this is what you like, then look no further. The Little Su that Sassy received from was able to hit the spot, or several spots, in fact!!

Now to be quite honest, Sassy normally prefers toys that are big and vibrate. But every now and then (especially if she is not home alone), then a totally quiet toy is just the thing. What Sassy liked about this toy was its unique shape, which curves perfectly around a woman’s vagina. It is both soft and hard, and you can use it while lying on your back or your stomach.

Now since this toy does not vibrate, and also is not big, you need to use your fingers to feel its full effect. By rubbing your fingers against it, moving it up and down inside of you, you can use and feel its hardness and its shape to stimulate yourself. You can use it by yourself or with a partner, since it is small enough to insert and at the same time have a man penetrate you.

The Little Su is easy to use, clean, and even carry around with you, in case the need to play hits you away from home. Think of it as a very large digit that you can use to bring pleasure to yourself, no matter where you are…

Click below to get yours:

Little Su

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