Toys for the Lonely #135: Mia

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  • January 27, 2011 at 8:25 pm

All shapes and sizes. All colors and so many different functions. That is what Sassy has found out after almost a year of reviewing sex toys. She now has over 100 of them in her ever growing toy chest (box? trunk? Thank God she has a king size bed to keep them all under). After trying out so many different toys, Sassy has found that she has favorite manufacturers. And Lelo products are one of her very favorites. They are the top of the line toys, both in functionality and look.

You might not think that the look of a toy is that important, but you would be wrong. How many times do you buy something just for the way it looks and appeals to you? That pair of shoes or hand bag screaming out to you from its store window, almost making you go in to buy it… and even if those beautiful shoes kill your feet, you will still wear them, just for the way they look on you.

Fascinations sent Sassy a great product from Lelo: a beautiful, small, pink, elegant little lipstick vibrator. Lipstick vibrators are so called because at first glance, they actually look like elegant lipstick cases. This lipstick vibrator is quite unique… It is one that charges by plugging it into your laptop!! How great is that!! It looks great against Sassy’s pink laptop. It doesn’t take long to charge, and soon Sassy had a cute pink toy vibrating merrily. It has a small top that you take off when you are charging it, and then you put it back on to hide the USB.

Lelo toys arrive in beautiful cases, and the Mia is no exception. It comes in an elegant black box, with a white satin drawstring bag too. It even has an instruction manual, and its own extension cord, and a warranty!! What more could you want from a toy? Not even gorgeous killer shoes arrive with so much!! You can keep the Mia in its black box in your bedroom, or in its silk bag and slip it into your purse, to do what lipsticks do best: go with you wherever you go for whenever you need them.

Now lipstick vibrators are not the most powerful toys out there. That is not their function. They are more for a quick and easy way to deliver a small vibration to your clitoris, not so much a full-out toy orgasm session. If you have an extensive toy collection, then you will have your vibrators, clitoris stimulators, and who knows what else. Not all toys have to be big, powerful, and multifunctional. Sometimes all you need is a quick fix. A small vibration against your clitoris to get you in the mood. To prepare you for someone special. To take the edge off. This is just the toy for that. Is it worth its price? That depends on how much you spend on your shoes and hand bags. Do you buy the cheap ones from Kmart and cheap shoe stores, and see them fall apart all too soon? Or do you spend more for the quality shoes and bags that look infinitely better, and last so much longer? Sassy prefers the latter… to spend more and get a quality item. So should everyone!!

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