Toys for the Lonely #134: Japanese G spot

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  • January 27, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Sassy loves sex toys that bend easily without snapping (and you would be amazed with how some toys can snap or break quite easily). sent her a great new toy to review, and Sassy has been having a lot of fun with it.

The Japanese G spot is very flexible, and it soft and hard parts are perfect to get pleasure in a variety of ways. The base of this toy sits against your clitoris, and is hard enough to rub against it quite satisfactorily. The soft jelly-like attachment bends in any direction you push it inside of you, while you feel the vibrations both inside and out.

It has 9 different speeds: three steady ones and 6 pulsating ones. This makes it fun to experiment with… use a different speed or two each time that you try this toy, and find the ones you prefer. Sassy prefers the steady speeds, but every now and then it is fun to use the pulsating ones. The rhythm of these speeds forms a pattern that you anticipate as you are feeling the pleasure, and it can add to the excitement.

This toy is so soft and malleable, and it almost creates a sucking, clinging connection to your clitoris. Try slipping it in an out while lying on your back, or even sitting up, and the sensation is almost as though you are receiving oral sex. Another way to use this toy is to lie on your stomach and rub against it. The great thing about toys is playing around with them, to see how many different ways they can bring you pleasure.

For a totally different sensation, try sitting up, maybe leaning back on a couch, and insert the toy. You can then ride it as though you were on top of a man, and rock against it. Its flexibility is amazing, making it accessible in a variety of ways. If all you have in your toy collection are the normal vibrators, this would be a great addition for something different.

Click below to get yours:

Japanese G spot

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  1. nikoaditya

    this can be used for “foreplay” before intercourse with my girl friend. make she feel sensual in their sensitive g-spot.
    I =recommended it

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