Poem #56: “A Dream I Had” by Angela Nichols

Gigi loves the stories that Angela Nichols write, and today she is sharing one of her poems. Everyone needs a little hope if you are alone. hope that one day you will find that special someone, just like Gigi thinks she might have just met… So do not ever give up hope, and maybe one day that unknown special person will walk into your life. .

A Dream I Had

An unknown man walked up to me
And asked me “Is it you I seek?”
All at once, to my surprise
My life was flashed before my eyes

When it was done I took a breath
And shakily I answered “Yes.”
The man then said “I have been sent
To help you cope; to help you vent.”

I looked at him and my first thought
Was “Oh my God. He is SMOKIN’ hot!”
I saw him blush but if he heard
He didn’t say a single word.

He lifted my chin and looked in my eyes
“There’s something you have to realize.
Everything grows in stages, grows in seasons
You are the way you are for all the right reasons.

You were once a seed closed off and contained
And that way you might very well have remained
If not for the people you have gotten to know
First your mom and your brother helped you to grow.

With each new best friend you learned something new
About whom you are and what you can do.”
“I know that” I said “and I honestly try
To remember it when I feel I could cry.”

“Just keep believing” he replied “and you’ll see.
You will figuratively bear fruit, eventually.
Right now you are a seedling, you need tender care
Especially since your flowers are so very rare.”

“Rare? Me?” I gave him a smile
“That’s nice to HEAR once in a while.”
“It true” he said “you have a good eye
For noticing beauty in many of her styles

But some of them let it go to their head
And kill their proper futures dead.”
At this he looked extremely sad
And whispered “They are not all bad.
Just remember the things you have heard for yourself
Stories you keep like the books on your shelf.
To grow things need rain as well as sun
So don’t give up when you’re not having fun.”

He started to leave
I felt like a dope
“I didn’t catch your name!”
He replied “I am Hope.”

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