Book Review #13: 1001 Ways to be Romantic

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  • January 17, 2011 at 9:39 pm

There are sex books out there, and there are romantic books. I think every woman should have at least a few of each, but every man should really have a good book on how to be romantic. Women are normally much better at thinking of ways to be romantic, whereas the majority of men might need a little help on coming up with ideas on how to charm their women. Of course, this is not always true, and Sassy has had the good luck to date a few truly romantic men. Her man now? Well, so far he is pretty good at coming up with romantic things all on his own, getting her flowers and presents “just because”, which are the best presents to receive, making her breakfast while she sleeps, getting her a ton of Christmas presents, and introducing her to his family. Romance is something that means a lot to the person receiving it. It means so much more to a woman when her man is thoughtful and romantic on a normal day, when she isn’t expecting something. sent Sassy some great things to create special romantic (and passionate) nights together… first a book on great sex, then a kit of silk petal roses, and last a book about 1001 ways to be romantic. This last book, “1001 Ways to be romantic”, written by Gregory Godek, is truly incredible. Sassy actually had the book many, many years ago, when she was in her last serious relationship. That copy of the book was well-used and thumbed through, written in, pages bent, filled with sticky notes. Sadly enough, though they used it a lot when together, it was left behind in his home when the relationship ended. So Sassy was happy to get a new version to use in her new relationship. She is actually thinking of giving it to Jonathan on Valentine’s… or at least of reading it together. Would a man be offended if she gave him a book on how to be romantic? They are already following the suggestions on the book on great sex, so a book on romance will only help cement their relationship, and make it even better.

I think that books on “how to” are a wonderful thing, no matter what they are helping you to learn how to do. It shows a dedication on your part to improve yourself, and when it involves things such as how to improve your relationship, both the man and woman in it will appreciate your efforts.

So why is this book so special? It gives you so much information, in so many different forms. You can read it from cover to cover, or skim through it. Either way, you will pick up golden nuggets on romance and how to add it to your life. It has romantic quotes, cartoons, suggestions of movies and songs, places to visit, and most importantly, things to do: things that cost a lot of money and time and effort, and things that cost little or nothing. The chapters are wonderful, and just by reading the titles, can give you ideas, for example, look at the following chapters:

  • Creative gifts
  • Flowers
  • Gifts
  • Love Notes
  • Satin and lace
  • Erotica
  • Exotica
  • Words of love
  • Dining in
  • Dining out
  • Sex tips
  • Gift ideas

Not only does this book give you great suggestions on what to do, it has whole lists of the following things that can add romance to your love life… lists of the best romantic songs and movies throughout time. It also lists actual places, all over the world, for those of us who can afford to get away for a romantic time. It even give you a whole month of romantic things to do: one for each day… now this is something that Sassy is seriously considering on doing. This is truly a book that you could spend a lifetime reading and following its advice.

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1001 Ways to be romantic

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