Top “Ten” #39: What are the things you would like to get back from your ex?

We had a great question sent in from a reader… what would you like to be able to get back from your ex… Makes one think doesn’t it? Here is what they had to say.

From Gigi: From Daniel, my Canadian ex, I would like to get my paella pan back, my Costa Rican hammock and dowry chest that he bought me, the wedding dress I never got to wear that I left behind, my books and clothes, my kitchen stuff and camping things. I would have liked to be able to say goodbye to his children (who were practically mine for 6 years) and our mutual friends. More than all, I would like to have those six years back.

From Camille: Not one damned thing lol

From Lizzie: A tape of a sermon one of my godmothers made. A book and a magazine I had bought for myself and never got to read, and an expensive shredder…

From Tim: Nothing.

From Brie: 5 years, my dignity, and my culture club tape.

From John: My dignity.

From Gigi: Lol I was going to say my pride!! Culture club?

From John: Lmao… Oh,I meant to say my virginity

From Brie: Oh…and my Jim Kelly jersey.

From Andy: Nothing. There were good times also, so no reason to be bitter about it for the rest of my life.

From Tina: My time! Lol

From Charlie: My faith in humanity.

From Susie: Nothing, we both lived it and have 3 children to be blessed from it! What ever will be will be K….life goes on!

From Jenna: My Heart, so I can give it to someone else.

From Camille: Haven’t had an ex in 26 years, but there’s nothing I need from any of them that I don’t already have, like, um, lessons learned.

From Dianna: I learned early in life not to give anything I couldn’t afford to lose. As far as my heart, I want it back from this clown I have a crush on right now. I ain’t give it to him. He kinda snuck it.

From Shari: Him.

From Rachel: My sanity.

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