Favorite Romantic Book #39: Svetlana’s choice

Gigi has known Svetlana since she was in kindergarten, and now she is a woman in college… OMG indeed!! She has been asking to accept her on face book and to know the address of this blog, but it still seems weird to Gigi that this little girl is now a woman, in all the sense of the world…. hmmm wonder if she would share that story here. A new blog: how I lost my virginity? lol Maybe not… or should I?

Gigi might not be ready to accept her on face book or share this blog with her, but she wiill share Svetlana’s favorites with you. Keep in mind that she is only 19!! They have been reading the same books for the last few years, so Gigi was not surprised at her favorite romantic books:

  • “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks, which has been nominated by many people in this category. In fact, any of his books are great!! Happy or sad endings.
  • “The Circle Trilogy” Series by Nora Roberts. Svetlana went through all of Gigi’s series by Nora Robert, which she loves just as much as Svetlana does. There is something so great about a series book, because if you like the characters in the first book, you see them again and again.

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