For Auld Lang Syne – Helen’s New Year’s Resolution

Tonight, we will all inevitably hear the song that starts out, “Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon;The flames of Love extinguished,and fully past and gone:Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold,that loving Breast of thine;That thou canst never once reflecton Old long syne.

Although some of these words ring true, (old loves will be left in the past), some words do not. My heart is not left cold after my loves of the past. However, it is left waving goodbye to the “interesting” men that have been in my life this year.
My times with these men weren’t all bad, in fact, I can look back and fondly remember at least one fun thing about each of them. However, I am still I am happily waving goodbye to them.
After all, tonight is a night where we get to wave goodbye to the past and look forward to a bright, shiny future full of hope. Tonight, as the clock marches ever so swiftly toward midnight and I am so carefully manicured to look like a blonde disco ball, I will be reflecting back on my nightmare dates and all of the humor that oozes out of my mis-adventures with love. Goodbye, crazy men. I have one thing to thank you all for, though. Perspective. Sweet, sweet perspective for the day that I meet Mr. Right. I will happily run into his arms and thank you all for giving me the perspective to truly appreciate him.
Happy New Year, everyone. May this new year bring blessings, happiness and laughter into all of your lives. Once again, thank you for reading. As tonight strikes midnight, wave with me to all of your disappointments and leave them in the past. Dreams won’t come true unless you have them! Sweet dreams all! Cheers and be safe!
All my love,

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