Dating Quiz #39: Thirteen Questions to Ask Yourself

Gigi just found a great quiz, article, and website on dating, that she just had to share with you. And a wonderful new term for a man who is just not working out:
DUD (Definitely Unworkable Dude) You need top check out this quiz if you are dating someone and want to see if he is or isn’t into you…

Give your boyfriend one point for each of these 13 characteristics:
1. Eager to see you and reluctant to leave
2. Wants regular consistent contact, asks for dates
3. Interested in you and your life
4. Wants to be helpful
5. Is verbally and physically affectionate
6. Wants to be romantic and sexual with you
7. Texts, emails or calls regularly
8. Acts like you are very special; doesn’t really want to date others
9. If you are dating other men–willing to hang in there
10. Becoming more attentive and loving over time
11. Becoming more open to sharing his feelings and thoughts
12. Becoming more open to sharing his living space
13. Becoming more open to sharing his social life with friends and family members.

Please be really honest with yourself as you rate your guy. When in doubt, ask your closest friends to help you. If your man has a score of 4 or less, it probably indicates that he is just not that into you. If he gets 5-10 points the dude may have possibilities. Eleven (11) or more means he just may be the One. Look for more of these qualities over time to make a clearer assessment.


Gigi took the quiz and got 12 points!!!

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  1. 30 Dating

    I got 6 points from the quiz. Kind of on the lower side. Guess I should dump him.

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