Toys for the Lonely #114: Wireless Rabbit

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  • December 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm

What is better than a sex toy? A wireless sex toy!! Give him the remote control and let him have some fun with it. It all started with remote control vibrating panties: where you wear the vibrating bullet in your panties, and he can turn it on or off, increase or decrease the speed at will, and tease you all night long. It is such fun to do this in public… Now Sassy has found a remote control rabbit vibrator, and it is even her favorite color: pink!! There are no buttons or slides on it at all. It is all controlled by the little pink remote control. Now of course, you can control it yourself, but how much more fun is it for him (or her, as the case may be) to control? is looking like it is going to be one of Sassy’s favorite websites. They let her pick three products at a time, and they told her there is no limit to how many reviews she can do a month. Do they know how much Sassy loves toys and writing about them? Sassy is going to be a busy little bee, first playing with the toys, writing the reviews, and then looking for her next fun assignment!!

Last night Sassy was lonely and in bed, and she pulled out her bag of toys, not from the island of misfit toys, but from the land of fine fitting toys!! She keeps all toys that need to be reviewed in a special (pink) bag on her bed. She likes to play with the toys for a few nights before writing the review. Unless it is an amazing toy. Then she writes it right away, and it almost writes itself. That was the case with the wireless rabbit.

First of all, Sassy loves the fact that the remote control lights up, making it that much easier to use at night, in bed, with the lights turned off. There is a control for the metal beads in the shaft, and one for the clitoral attachment. Sassy loves it when there are separate controls, so you can decide which functions you want turned on. With all the different vibrations, some steady and some pulsating, you can come up with a lot of different combinations.

The metal beads turn and twist, rotating away inside you, their hardness so much better than pearls. If you have never tried a vibrator with metal beads inside, you really need to try it. The feeling is indescribable. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius. It is unlike anything that a man could ever imitate with his own equipment!! Sassy loves to ride this kind of toy, but has to be careful not to press too hard on it because you can bend and break the shaft. The clitoral vibrator is another wonderful invention, making you get pleasure both internally and against your clitoris.

It is not a very loud toy, which makes it a great thing to use when not home alone. Sassy used some of the Climax Burst lubricant from, which is quickly becoming her very favorite lubricant to use, especially the tingling lubricant.

Click below to get yours:
Wireless rabbit

For those of you who want more details on the toy, here are some facts on it:
It comes from the manufacturer iVibe. It has metal beads inside the soft shaft and is ribbed. The usable length is 5″ while it has a 1.5″ diameter.

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