Top “Ten” #38: Things to do on a snowy day

It is winter time and snowy weather is here to stay. So what do you do with your partner, or someone whom you have just begun to date? Some like the cold and snow and going outside to have fun in it. Some hate snow, and prefer to stay inside throughout winter. What do our readers think?

From Gigi: I am not a snow lover, but I have occasionally had fun in the snow, with a heavy snowsuit on, of course. One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing is snowmobiling. I tried skiing once, but I’m no good at it… and it is no fun if he is good at it, while you suck (or vice versa). I prefer to stay indoors when it is cold and snowy outside: nothing like lying on a fur skin in front of a roaring fireplace.

From Joanna: Sit by a fire and drink hot chocolate … um.. well I don’t personally like hot chocolate, so maybe something yummier.

From Winnie: Make snow angels with no clothes on and then count how many wings you can see. If you can only see two…you did it right!!!! ‎:)

From Shari: Stay inside and cuddle… sit by the fire… it does sound cozy.

From Jim: Make angels in my bed.

From Boris: Bowling. Skating. Movies. Making Christmas cookies.

From Brie: Naked snowball fight! Oops… forgot about shrinkage.

From Alisa: Going to the zoo, going ice skating, going for a walk.

From Aleja: I agree with Brie …… LOL!!!!!

From Dianna: There is NOTHING fun enough for me to do outside on a day like this. On a 36 and up degree day with sun? MAYBE I’ll go for that walk, but I much prefer indoor activities like museums, art shows, board games, etc.

From Donna: Well, I wondered when you would all get outside!
How’s about having a walk in the mountains as we did the other weekend. It was so still and quiet. All the trees, stones and paths blanketed. One’s footsteps crunching along, slipping a bit and feet warm in thick socks and boots…Every now and then could hear the soft thud of snow slipping from a branch. The sun filtering through branches and looking up seeing to the distant peaks one is in awe of winter’s beauty…

From Jim: Freeze tomatoes and smash them with a hammer.

From Donna: LOL Freezing here and I will go for a walk for a reason only…need food! LOL

From Winnie: Naked snow angels outside naked whipped cream angels inside… with some chocolate a la taza as a plus!!!!

From Aleja: Now I agree with Winnie (haha)

From Donna: Why so much nakedness!!! It’s F-ing freezing!!

From Camille: Snowman, followed by hot chocolate and maybe strip backgammon. 😉

From Ken: Hang out with me Gigi (Oh boy… he just won’t stop asking Gigi this, even though she has told him she is dating someone!!)

From Tawny: Find specially decorated neighborhoods and drive through, playing Christmas music, singing along, and drinking hot cocoa from a thermos.

From Rachel: LOL You know what people do!! That’s why there are so many kids born in August and September!!

From Dionne: Snuggle by the fire.

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