Poem #52: “I’m sorry” by Tawny

Tawny was Gigi’s first room mate in college, and not too long ago, we refound each other. Tawny wrote poetry back in college, and has continued to do so. Here is a wonderful poem by her, that really makes one think…

I’ve many faults, as have you
But I made many mistakes
In our relationship
I didn’t mean to harp and criticize;
Nor act superior.
I should have given more than taken.
I guess I learned a little too late.
I didn’t understand the concept
Of each side sharing equally.
Now I’ve got no one to share with.
I did have the love, please allow me this;
I just didn’t know how to handle it.
I’ve been spoiled since who knows when,
Most always getting my way.
I took the same priviledges from you;
Ones not mine to take.
Without consideration,
I finally took too much.
Now I’ve got only myself to live with;
Loaded with heavy heart and guilty conscience.
I hope I’ve learned from my mistakes,
Before I lose all that’s left
Of what was once you and I.

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