Dating Quiz #38: Relationship Quiz

Gigi is dating again, and this time it might even work. He does not live a gazillion miles away. He is not married. He doesn’t ignore her, nor is he cold and distant, but talked to her several times a day, and wants to spend the weekends with her. She has even met most of his family already, after only a few weeks.

So Gigi just had to take a relationship quiz, and see what it says about them…

Dating Quiz

Here is how Gigi did on the quiz:

Lovey Dovey

Your relationship is sweet and lovey dovey. Love is everpresent when he/she is around and something seems to be missing when he or she is not around. He/She is part and parcel of yor life and same for him/her. Presents, romantic sweet moments and other loving stuff are part of your relationship. Therefore there are many precious memories to cherish. However, marriage might not be on the cards yet and there is still some way you have to go as a relationship to eventually be the ONE for him/her and vice versa.

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