Top “Ten” #37: Top things you and your partner argue about

What do you argue about with your ex? Is it always about the same thing? Different things? Gigi hates to argue and tries very hard not to… her parents used to argue all the time as she was growing up, so Gigi is anti-arguing…

Here is what Gigi’s friends had to say:

From Gigi: I hardly ever argue… I am more of a quiet pouter, and I hold my feelings in, and then vent with a girl friend. The few times I have argued with someone has been when they promise me something, and then let me down and don’t do it.

From Brie: Sex and money!! I would like more of both!! I resolve it by slipping him a couple ruffies… having my way with him… and then emptying his wallet while he’s still unconscious.

From Ricardo: Hehehehe

From Shari: ‎@Brie…lmao! @Gigi…my ex & I used to argue about his flirting with other women (he soon learned not to do it in front of me). The fix… I stopped taking the bs. He even had rules put on him after we broke up… He was not allowed to come over or drive past with a girl in his car. He challenged it on his birthday… He still regrets it. Hehe.

From Boris: I wouldn’t say argue, but maybe things that create friction, tension, frustration, disagreement, or contentiousness… 🙂 we don’t argue or fight much at all, haven’t in a long time. That being said, probably bills and money.

From Dinah: Money, bills, and child rearing.

From Josie: Money.

From Ricardo: About our mistress and mistresses… it keeps the relationship healthy though!

From Amanda: Money ….

From Annie: Money…I see a theme here. Seems that money has one heck of a negative influence on the human race, in so many ways. The other thing we used to argue about (when I had a relationship) was who did the most tidying up!

From Jim: Whether the Universe is a 7-dimensional hyper-colloidal self-inverting sphere or an 11-dimensional rhomboid consisting of probability-based Mobius strips.

From Winnie: I refuse to argue. Not worth the energy lost.

From Ron: Arguing is why i’m determined to stay single 🙂

From Rachel: Ughh!! Money, sex, chores, driving, and video games!!

From Danielle: Kids, religion, money – not necessarily in that order.

From Andy: Never money. Just not worth it.

From Ricardo: Who cheated on who, politics etc

From Aleja: Our kids!!!!

From Lon: Gigi, that’s one of your best questions yet.
We don’t really argue. It’s more like bickering over really stupid stuff, almost all of which is my fault (really.)

From Belinda: Facebook…he takes every post way too seriously and constantly monitors my page and who I add!! Sad to say…but that’s what the majority of arguements are about.

From Camille: Not any one thing. We agree to disagree a lot.

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