Female Products #7 and Male Products #4: Massage Glides

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  • November 25, 2010 at 11:33 pm

Sassy will never forget Paris. She lived there for five months as a college student to perfect her French, and there she met Gilbert. Ah Gilbert… he was half French and half Italian, and he was studying to be a massage therapist. All that and Paris too… They had a brief Parisian encounter, and he taught her how to give the perfect massage. Gilbert would have loved the massage glides that Sassy has been reviewing lately.

Hopefully one of these days, Sassy will have a man to spoil with massages, and if she is really lucky, to be spoiled with massages, and when that happens, she will have a lot of wonderful products from System Jo.

Sassy has reviewed so many of their high quality products: their lubricants, enhancers, gels, and now their massage glides. She loves them so much that she will never again buy the cheaper versions sold at drugstores. Quality shines through in all things, and these sex accessories should never be skimped on. After all, you are using these products directly on your skin, and even your internal parts. We should always use only the best on something so intimate.

These massage glides are silky smooth, and come in unscented and scented varieties, depending on what your taste or mood might require. Personally, Sassy prefers the scented ones, and the lavender one is her very favorite. Sassy has always loved the scent of lavender. It is intrinsically romantic, and is known for its soothing factor. The citrus scent is fresh and uplifting… just what you need to recharge after a long, hard day.

They function not just for massages, but also as lubricants, and tattoo and skin conditioners, so their multi-purpose makes them an even more desirable product. With just one bottle you can give a sensual massage, condition the skin and any existing tattoos, and even lubricate you for a more personal encounter. All in one go. What could be better?

When Sassy is home alone, and has no one to give her a massage, she uses these massage glides to soften her skin, especially her roughened feet… Sassy loves to walk barefoot everywhere!! All I know is that I will never again buy any baby oil again… not when I have these amazing products at home!!

Click below to get yours:

Citrus massage glide

Lavender massage glide

Sensual massage glide

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