Successful Story #37: Pamela and Patrick

Most of the successful stories that Gigi writes about are of people who’ve been together for many years, and time has proven it to be a great relationship. Sometimes, however, Gigi does want to write about new relationships who seem to be off to a good start. She has to have hope that things can start out well, and continue to do so!!

Last week Gigi asked her face book friends for help with success stories and nightmare dates. Well, the nightmare date Gigi has covered (just read her latest experience this week!!). And after her near miss in a nightmare date, she is more than happy to write about Pamela’s successful relationship, even if it is only a month in. Gigi has had some relationships in which she knew after a month were going to be a success… true it hasn’t been since 2000, but she does know that feeling of rightness that Pamela is feeling right now. Gigi met Pamela a few years ago, through friends of Kelly’s and they run into each other at times at the salsa club, and I think that Pamela reads Gigi’s stories. At least, she does ask Gigi about her dating life when they run into each other!!

Gigi asked for her story and here it is:

I met him in, even though we have not been together too long, I have a good feeling this time. I met his kids today and he said they think I’m “pretty and nice”. He came to my small gathering on my birthday and the day after told me “You can tell your friends I’m your boyfriend.”

He is very sweet and (considerado=considerate). He makes me feel secure, protected, and he even said he wants “to grow old with me”. I am happy I met him and so far he has done nothing wrong. He asked me “What did I do to deserve you.” It just make me want to hug him!!
Is that enough details??

When Gigi asked her how long they’ve been together, Pamela said it has only been one month, and she asked Gigi to “cruzar los dedos” (Cross her fingers). Oh yes. Gigi will cross all her fingers and toes and even her eyes, and send lots of good wishes her way. Pamela is a great, sweet person who deserves the best. Hopefully soon, Pamela will have more good news to share, and maybe then she can find someone for Gigi!!
just don’t put my name, y cruza los dedos, chau paquita.

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