Poem #49: “Psyche” by Ber-Henda Williams

Ber-henda Williams is quite simply an amazing woman and poet, and I am honored to count her among my friends, both on and off face book. I love reading her poetry, attending her poetry sessions at the Southfield Library, and all the many things she does to help the artistic world of Detroit.

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I wonder this world sometimes so aimlessly hoping to bend my edges and make a rough place plain.
My heart condition is what I need to keep in plain view.
I love with all my being and feel it even in my sleep.
I feel love when I run my fingers in my hair. I feel love in the breath I take and when I rest my head in my hand.

I hope and I pray for love. Love beats its’ poor heart by each breath I take and sometimes my breath is labored…love is sometimes heavy. The daisies speak the truth and so do roses.

These are the words that sometime slip me …Sometimes I get lost but I don’t lose my way.
Love took his fingertip and traced my spine and I gasped for air with wide eyes releasing all that binds me.

Love sang sweet and low in ears of my heart and I arose illuminated and liberated. Love is an awesome wonder and I have much I owe love.

Though love forbade me to look into his face I feel his sweet breath on my face in the obscurity of the evening and his tender footsteps impact on the floor before the dawn. Oh how the spirit fades as the door seals behind him. I am full with love…we are all better with love… If you believe I am better, than I am better because of love.

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