Female Products #6 and Male Products #3: Massage Oils

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  • November 23, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Sassy loves being a reviewer. There are so many amazing products out there, just waiting to be discovered and to become a part of your life. An important part. Sassy has also found out that it is NOT all about the toys. Accessorizing is not just about shoes, and bags, and jewelry, oh my. In the world of sex toy websites, accessorizing is about games, and books, and movies… about lubricants, and powders, and massage oils, oh my… not just about lions and tigers and bears. Massage oils should be just as much apart of your bedroom, as your box of toys.

Love Honeyis the newest addition to our websites of toys, and they sent Sassy the first product to be reviewed: a massage oil made by Lelo, a simply amazing Swedish company that creates such unique and powerful sex toys. Their massage oils are just as exquisitely presented, looking like something you would find in an exclusive French store along the Champs Elsysees.

Sassy was not sure what she would find in the beautiful black Lelo box, not just what delightful scent would waft out of the beautiful black oil container, with its red stopper. Black and red. Sassy’s favorite colors. The scent… the musky and spicy scent of cloves and amber. A spice and oil that were highly coveted in ancient times for their rarity and uniqueness, are combined in this bottle, along with 24 carat gold flakes, making this massage oil something to covet.

Sassy has recently begun to… well, we will call it “date” a massage therapist, and he was intrigued by the massage oil Sassy described to him. Sassy got a free massage from him… and then some, and the feel of the Lelo massage oil was indescribable. It is silky smooth and luxurious upon your skin. Its scent is scintillating. It makes you feel like an Egyptian queen lying atop a canopied bed, spoiled by a bevy of slaves. This is a truly special product, unlike any massage oil that Sassy has ever seen, and she has had many a massage, by both professionals and lovers alike.

Spices and oils at times seem to be a thing of the past. Lelo has brought the ancient times back to life with their exclusive oils. Gigi truly felt as though she were Cleopatra, after being thoroughly massaged with this massage oil by Lelo. It is silky and smooth, luxurious against your skin, and the scintillating scent makes one think of the days long by… days of harems and massages, of silks and satins, of expensive spices available only for the very rich.

This massage oil leaves all others behind. It arrives in an elegant box. encased in a beautiful container that seems straight out of a Parisian store. Never again will you use some generic brand massage oil from a drug store or pharmacy. Not when Lelo can grace your bedside table, and be used by you or your partner to turn a simple massage into an erotic and sensual experience.
What are you waiting for? Get yours now, and feel like Cleopatra (or Marc Anthony/Julius Caesar).

Lelo Spicy Clove & Amber will now have a special resting spot on Sassy’s bedside table, just waiting to be used in all of the special encounters. Click below to get yours:

Lelo Massage Oil

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