Favorite Romantic Meal #37: From Tina’s kitchen

Tina has the right idea for a romantic meal… there is nothing like a good bottle of wine and a good plate of spaghetti!! It is an easy dish to make, and something everyone loves. Gigi is known in several countries for her amazing spaghetti sauce. She cooked it this week for the kids that she is babysitting, and they practically inhaled it. Her Canadian ex used to love Gigi’s spaghetti… sigh.

Since Gigi is in a good mood, she is going to share her spaghetti recipe with you. Now when Gigi cooks she doesn’t follow a set recipe, but does more of a “pinch of this and a dash of that” and it always fares well. Gigi has made this spaghetti for the men, kids, and students in her life and it has been loved by many. The secret? Red wine!!

Gigi’s to die for spaghetti:

Cook the ground beef in oil. Add garlic powder, oregano, parsley, and sage to the meat as it cooks. Take it out and drain all of the all. Pour in your choice of spaghetti sauce (Prego or Ragu or whichever one you like). Gigi used to use plain tomato sauce when she lived in Spain. Add more of the same spices added to the meat (Gigi adds a lot of garlic powder). The secret is to add red wine to your sauce… a good pour. Gigi sometimes uses port instead of red wine, but any red wine will do.

And that’s that!! Make your noodles, add some garlic bread and some good red wine for drinking (Gigi loves a good bottle of Marques de Caceres), and enjoy!!

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