Female Products #5 and Male Products #2: His and hers enhancers

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  • November 16, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Color me happy, it’s a his and hers sex enhancers. Who would ever have thought that one could have so much fun not just from toys, but from all the lotions and lubricants being made to enhance the sexual experience? There are some that are flavored, some that warm you up or feel all cool and fresh, some that tingle inside you, and some that help men perform better. These are all very important things in the bedroom, and Sassy is simply loving each of the products sent to her by System Jo. They just keep getting better and better, and they have come up with quite a few new products, and Sassy gets to try them out at home.

Sassy has tried so many of their wonderful products, and when she visited their updated and revamped website, she saw a lot of new and intriguing products. The Tango products immediately caught her eye. After all, Sassy is Latina and can tango up a storm. And yes, the phrase “It takes two to tango” came to mind, and is used on the website. But how true is this phrase, and where more important is it, but in the bedroom, where it takes two to perform satisfactorily for ultimate pleasure.

Sassy couldn’t wait to have someone come over for a play date. She has a few friends with benefits who know about her side business of reviewing toys, and they enjoy either trying the products on her, or with her. This time, it was a double pleasure. A him and her moment. the female Tango product makes the woman tingle inside. The male Tango product prolongs his pleasure, which of course, only helps to prolong her pleasure too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a little help in this area. As Sassy gets older, so do some of her partners (except when she is a dangerous Cougar mood…then her partner needs no help beyond his delicious young age).

These products are all of the highest quality, silky smooth, non-irritant, easily washed off, and have no nasty smell or texture to them. Sassy keeps them in a nice and sturdy shoe box, and offers them up as candy or rewards to her man of the moment to pick from. If he is really good, then Sassy might even use one of the great massage glides as a thank you. That is, if the marathon session hasn’t made her pass out from pleasure, and fall asleep spent, exhausted, yet fulfilled. You might laugh, but these sessions are what keep her going when life gets complicated.

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